Yukimi Annand

Supply List

Basic Materials
- Pencil #2 (HB)
- Sumi ink (Fueki Bokuju green bottle recommended)
- White paint (gouache or Dr. Martin's bleedproof white) - Pipettes, dishes for ink and paint, mixing brush, water container
- Rag or paper towel, newspaper or tarp for table

- Drawing paper for exercises (Strathmore Drawing 300 Series 8.5"x14", about 50 sheets. If you wish to do exercises on good paper, cut them in similar size)
- Arches Text Wove or Arches MBM paper (white 105gsm, one full sheet)
- Arches Cover Black, one half sheet
- Canson Mitents black or black Ingres paper (Hahnemuhle Black) 1 to 2 full sheets

Flat Tools
- Craft or balsa sticks (Yukimi will bring them)
- Optional: Parallel pen 6mm, automatic pen #4 or #5

Monoline Tools
- Pencil HB and/or 4B (Optional: Woodless graphite pencil)
- Any kind of felt tip marker
- White china marker
- Pipettes or squeeze bottles (1/2oz squeeze bottles with stainless steel tips by Jacquard or FINLINE applicator standard tip)
- Tools from nature: twigs, pine needles, seeds pots, sticks, etc

Folded Pen and Found Objects
- Cola pen, any kind of folded pen and Ruling pen (ones you already have)
- Tools from nature and found objects: seashells, stones, creepers, straw, pipe cleaner, etc.

Pointed Brush and other brushes
- A middle size (size 5-7) cheap pointed brush
- A middle size (size 8-12) cheap bristle round brush

Adding colors and making background
- Watercolor: two or three of your favorite colors or colors related to your text, walnut ink
- 2" cheap flat brush, small spray bottle

Assembling Your Work
- Binder clips (Yukimi will bring), double stick tape, masking tape, bone folder
- Ruler (set of triangle about 12", metal ruler about 18"), cutter knife and cutting board

Items Yukimi will bring:
Binding clips, balsa sticks, Japanese rice paper, twigs, blank cards, trimming squares
White and black acrylic paint, matte medium

She will bring extra materials and tools above and happy to share them.
*Please do not spend a fortune to buy new materials and tools that you are not sure to be useful.
$10 fee/participant for materials and handout.
10'' triangle-45/90
Standard style triangle...[Read More]
Price: $4.50

3 piece water container
Several years ago we offered this popular item when it was called a Brush Washer Trio; we are delighted to have...[Read More]
Price: $3.75

9x12 Self Healing Cutting
These rigid mats are essential for anyone involved in cutting copy and paste-up. As the knife (X-acto or utilit...[Read More]
Price: $8.49

Arches MBM Watercolor Paper
25.5"x20", 75%cotton, 25%wood pulp, neutral pH, 105gm, recommended by Peter Thorton...[Read More]
Price: $3.65

Arches Text Wove
25"x40",100% rag, 120 gm., acid free, also known as Arches Velin...[Read More]
Price: $4.95

Black Arches Cover
22"x30", 100% rag, acid free, 240#...[Read More]
Price: $6.95

Bone Folders 5 1/2'' X 3/4''
Basic Small Bone Folder...[Read More]
Price: $6.25

Bristle Mixing Brush-#4
Flat, white brushes for mixing and laoding color. Rough bristle helps keep your pen clean. Fine for watercolor,...[Read More]
Price: $1.00

Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White
Covers dye colors. Works very well for dip pens;is quite viscous; considered to be one of the best whites avail...[Read More]
Price: $9.00

Drawing Pencil, 4B
Price: $1.09

Drawing Pencil, HB
Price: $1.09

Exacto Knife with #11 Blade
Exacto Knife with #11 Blade. #11 Blade is slanted and extremely sharp. Good for cutting and trimming. The point...[Read More]
Price: $5.59

German Ruling Pen
High quality pen for monoline and innovative lettering, as well as creating borders. 5" nickle-plated steel all...[Read More]
Price: $22.50

Horizon Folded Pen with Permanaent Wood/Resin, Waterproof Handle
Paper & Ink Artsí Horizon Folded Pens are similar in function to the Ruling Writer but feature thinner, sharper...[Read More]
Price: $15.95

Masking Tape 1'' x60 yds
Standard Masking Tape...[Read More]
Price: $2.99

Metal Cork Backed Ruler
The cork back on this ruler help keep it in place as you work....[Read More]
Price: $6.40

Mini Misters set of 3
Small misting bottles....[Read More]
Price: $4.99

Mini-Alumicolor Cutting Set
Irresistible and functional! Just right for workshops and travel. Set includes a 6"x8.5" three ply, self-healin...[Read More]
Regular Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $8.00

Number 4 (5/16'') Automatic Pen
Hand finished English steel brushes for large lettering. Give sharp, thin lines and rich thick strokes. For use...[Read More]
Price: $10.95

Number 5(1/2") Automatic Pen
Hand finished English steel brushes for large lettering. Give sharp, thin lines and rich thick strokes. For use...[Read More]
Price: $10.95

Parallel Pens 6 mm
The Pilot Parallel Pen is a remarkable and durable tool that offers crisp edges, sharp hairlines and a totally ...[Read More]
Price: $9.25

6"long, soft plastic (polyethylene)pipettes act like eye droppers and will keep mixed gouache for a later date....[Read More]
Price: $0.21

Porcelain Butcher Tray 7.5x11
Perfect for paints....[Read More]
Price: $11.99

Simply Simmons Flat Shader, Size 10
Simply Simmons Flat Shader, Size 10...[Read More]
Price: $4.00

Storage Cups, Set of 8 for SpeedStir Magnetic Ink Stirrer
Set of 8 storage cups that fit the SpeedStir Magnetic Ink Stirrer....[Read More]
Price: $3.10

Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Paper, 11x14, 50 sheets
An economical, 70 lb., white, acid-free drawing paper with a regular surface. Ideal for crayon, pencil, pen and...[Read More]
Price: $6.39

Walnut Drawing Ink, 2.6 oz (This product is currently out of stock)
This rich, lightfast, warm sepia-colored ink is handmade by Tom Norton in the US from premium imported material...[Read More]
Price: $6.75

White China Marker
Pencil type marker made for writing on glass/ceramics....[Read More]
Price: $1.09

Winsor & Newton Gouache Series 1, Permanent White
Price: $8.28

Winsor & Newton Sceptre Series 101  #5
Round watercolor brushes similar to the Kolinsky sable W&N Series 7 brushes, but more af≠ford≠able as they are ...[Read More]
Price: $7.00

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