Rose Wathen

Supply List
Supply List
  • peerls
  • Nikko G
  • Zebra G
  • Dinky Dip
  • Best Bottle Sumi
  • Boris Marker Layout, 50 Sheets, 11x14
  • C-Thru Plastic Ruler
  • Two Pipettes
  • Bib apron to protect clothes (If you have one of your own, use that!)
  • Best Bottle Sumi Ink
    This Japanese sumi ink, imported by Oriental Art Supply, has become a favorite of many cyberscribes including C...[Read More]
    Price: $15.95

    Borden & Riley Marker Layout, 50 Sheets 11X14''
    A visual, bright white, semi-transparent sheet especially good for pen and ink (no bleeding or feathering). The...[Read More]
    Price: $11.00

    C-Thru Plastic Ruler  2''x18''
    Standard plastic ruler....[Read More]
    Price: $3.95

    Dinky Dips
    One of our most popular sellers! These handy sets include four vials and a small wooden storage block. Perfect ...[Read More]
    Price: $3.05

    Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Nikko G Nibs are high quality, hand-cut, medium flex, chrome plated Japenese pens which give very fine hairline...[Read More]
    Price: $1.55

    Peerless Oblique Penholder
    Designed by Michael Sull based on holders from the 1800ís, these holders feature snug fitting brass flanges set...[Read More]
    Price: $14.95

    6"long, soft plastic (polyethylene)pipettes act like eye droppers and will keep mixed gouache for a later date....[Read More]
    Price: $0.21

    Zebra Comic G Nib
    The Zebra Comic G Nib, demonstrated at IAMPETH by Bill Kemp, is similar but more flexible than the Nikko G nib....[Read More]
    Price: $1.95

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