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Schiller Paper, 24x35, 130 gm

Schiller Paper, 24x35, 130 gm
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Description - This paper is a favorite of calligraphers Leslie Winakur and Maggie Gillikin. It is slightly heavier than Arches Text Wove and is a brighter white. Leslie and Maggie rave, "We use it very often in books and it works great, and it's great for broadsides as well. It takes ink gouache, watercolor, and acrylic very well. It's a hand made paper on mould and deckle, and it starts out with 4 deckle edges. It's a bit softer than Arches, so one must be a bit careful with a very sharp pointed pen nib, like a crow quill, etc. It's fine with our usual broad edge nibs, Nikko G (and similar nibs),ruling pen, cola pen; just about everything. It also corrects like vellum. You can scrape with a small rounded blade and take gouache off easily in most instances. Then, burnish with a bone folder, and you're ready to write again."

Discount Pricing: 10-20 sheets= $3.00 each 30 or more sheets: $2.75 each
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