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Caran d'Ache Full Blender Bright, Set of 2 Blender Sticks

Item #: blndrstk
Our Price: $6.19


This colorless oil/wax tool combines the properties of a blender and a burnisher by mixing and unifying colors while simultaneously adding a glossy finish. Eliminates pencil lines almost entirely and increases color intensity. Use Blender Bright to add brilliance and sheen to your colored pencil illustrations, graphite drawings, and wax pastel work.

Blender Bright can also be used to make a specific area of your drawing water-resistant, as well as increasing lightfastness. Sticks can be molded into different shapes depending on your needs: sharpener to a pencil point for fine precision, or leave it unsharpened and blend with the flat end. For blending large areas, utilize the Blender Bright’s hexagonal shape and simply lay the stick on its side. A versatile tool with many incredible uses.

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