Chris Carfaro -- Beyond Handwriting

Supply List

Beyond Handwriting, teaching your pen to dance.

Chris Carfaro, Artist & Penman
December 7th and 9th, 2015
Richmond, Vermont

Supply List
  • Oblique Penholder
  • Regular straight penholder
  • Pen Nibs: Nikko G or Tachikawa G; Speedball C2 or a 2mm Mitchell nib; Crowquill or Hawkquill
  • Ink: Sumi ink (preference toward Moon Palace, but any is fine for the class)
  • Metal edged ruler
  • Hard pencil
  • Eraser

  • Optional:
  • Inks/Color: Winsor Newton Gold Drawing Ink, Fine Tec Arabic Gold (refill pot), any of the Ziller inks, McCaffery Ivory Ink
  • Pens: Noodler's standard flex pen + any of their waterproof inks, Shaeffer medium calligraphy pen
  • Paper: Borden & Riley Paris Paper for Pens, Canson Bristol smooth (not vellum), Strathmore Bristol smooth

  • Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Price: $1.55, 12/$16.92, 36/$48.00, 144/$172.80
    Tachikawa G Nib
    Price: $1.20, 12/$13.80, 36/$39.60, 144/$151.20
    Speedball Nib C2
    Price: $2.19, 12/$23.88
    Mitchell Roundhand Square Nib 2
    Price: $0.85, 12/$9.96, 144/$113.76
    Gillott 659 Crowquill nib
    Price: $0.99, 12/$11.64, 36/$34.20
    Moon Palace Sumi Ink
    Price: $11.95
    Speedball Holder
    Price: $1.49, 12/$15.75
    Deco Oblique Holder
    Price: $27.95