Linoleum Block Printing with Sarah Bogdal (August 3 2019)

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This three hour workshop will teach you the beautiful art of relief printing. A variant of woodcuts, linocuts are much easier to carve yet remain durable for just as long. Linoleum block prints have an amazing graphic quality, line variation, and are easily reproducible. One linoleum block can produce hundreds, if not thousands, of prints.

The first hour will break down the process of carving a linoleum block, go over materials, and introduce students to linocut artists of varying time periods, styles, and skill levels. During the second hour, students will start carving their linoleum blocks. Students will begin with a small, 3" x 4" block to practice different textures and lines, as well as get used to the carving tools. After each student feels comfortable with the materials, they will begin carving their final piece onto a 5" x 7" linoleum block. The third hour will be dedicated to printing the completed carvings.

All materials are provided. Students will leave with both carvings made during the course, as well as 1-5 prints. All materials used in the class will be available for purchase in our retail store.

Sarah Bogdal is an artist, educator, and printmaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Sarah graduated from Watkins College of Art in May of 2018 with a BFA and currently works at Paper & Ink Arts as their Social Media director. You can find her work at her website,, or visit her on Instagram @spaghetti_bolognese.

August 3 2019
Linoleum Block Printing with Sarah Bogdal
10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.