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Supply List

Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy with Caitlin Dundon
A fantastic introduction to modern pointed pen calligraphy. includes instruction on how to use pointed pen and ink, as well as how to create both upper and lower case individual alphabet letters and numbers.
Pointed pen calligraphy is unique with its varying line weights, elegant loops and flourishes.
Students will learn how to use black ink and a straight penholder (which can be used by both right and left-handed writers) to create the unique thick and thin elegance that is characteristic of the pointed pen style.
Caitlin Dundon offers a teaching style in Modern Flow Calligraphy that uses the smooth flow of cursive you learned as a child, rather than the complete lifting of the pen off paper for different strokes like Copperplate teaches. This style of calligraphy is easier for beginners and allows for softer more relaxed hand, shoulder and elbow movement. There is less stress on the body and the brain as this technique allows for more creative lettering styles. Students do not have to imitate or copy exactly each stroke to perfection so there is less stress and more creativity and enjoyment of the process.
The focus is on allowing the letters to flow to create lovely lines and loops and allowing students to create their own lettering style. www.handwrittenlife.com

Minimum Recommended Supply List:

  • NIKKO G pointed nib
  • Straight penholder
  • Canson Prolayout marker paper
  • Moon Palace Sumi Ink

    Optional Supplies

  • ClaireFontaine Vellum Paper
  • Rhodia blank pad
  • Borden & Riley Smooth Cotton Comp Paper
  • Borden & Riley Marker Layout Paper
  • Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof Paper for Pens
  • Dr. Martin's Bombay India Ink black
  • Walnut Drawing Ink
  • Walnut Ink Crystals
  • Large Dinky Dip
  • Single Jar Refill for Dinky Dip
  • Solid Hardwood Inkwell with Pen Rest
  • Peerless Oblique Pen Holder


    Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Price: $1.55, 12/$16.92, 36/$48.00, 144/$172.80
    Marbled Penholder, Silver and Black
    Price: $3.19
    Marbled Penholder, Gold and Black
    Price: $3.19
    9x12 Canson Pro Layout, 50 sheets
    Price: $13.09
    Moon Palace Sumi Ink, 15 oz.
    Price: $17.95
    ClaireFontaine Triomphe Pad
    Price: $9.25
    Rhodia Pad, Blank 8.25"x11.75"
    Price: $9.00
    Dr. Martin's Bombay India Ink, Black
    Price: $4.39
    Walnut Drawing Ink 10 oz
    Price: $18.95
    Walnut Ink Crystals, 1 oz
    Price: $2.95
    Large Dinky Dips, 1 Jar Square
    Price: $2.50
    Peerless Oblique Penholder
    Price: $14.95