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Vintage Esterbrook 531 Flyer Nib
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Vintage Esterbrook 531 Flyer Nib

Item #: est531f
Our Price: $2.00


The Vintage Esterbrook 531 is a large, firm pen that requires a lot of pressure to create line variation. Tip is up-turned and similar to spoon or bowl-shaped nibs such as the Hunt 513EF. Capable of holding a large amount of ink.

Good for monoline lettering and modern calligraphy styles. Not fine enough for Copperplate and Spencerian. The 531 is strong and holds up well against heavy-handed calligraphers, but is still recommended for intermediate or advanced level penmans rather than beginners.

Measurements: 41.5mm long x 8mm at widest / 5mm at narrowest.

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