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Vivian & Rich Mungall - The World of Engrossing

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In this lecture class, you will venture into the world of engrossing and see engrossed awards created from early 1900s to the 1940s by FW Tamblyn and SA Ziller. This will be an opportunity to study hundreds of different layout designs from simple to more complex. Vivian and Rich were amazed at how prolific the studio was doing engrossed awards, memorials, scrolls, encomiums, designing and personalizing diplomas and certificates, making diploma covers along with other miscellaneous hand lettered pieces as poems, invitations, and announcements all the while keeping the penmanship school going and selling lettering supplies. Vivian and Rich will discuss the design process from getting the text, laying it off, lettering styles used to custom picture framing. They will cover the tools and methods used, problems that can be encountered, answer questions and tell a little of the history of their studio founded in 1894. The class covers the traditional methods of doing an engrossed award by hand from getting the job to the finished project. Vivian will tell how she uses the computer to layoff the design, getting approval from the client and then completing the project by hand using the traditional methods discussed earlier in class.

  • Pencil and paper for note taking
  • Camera to capture the beauty of vintage awards from the Ziller Archives