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Brush Lettering with Molly Margaret

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Class Dates: One Weekend each month

Come explore the world of brush lettering! In this class we will look at the many lettering effects and styles you can achieve using brushes and brush markers. We will cover a full brush alphabet, letter variations from edgy to flowy and a few basic illustration examples using a brush. Using tools from markers to paint brushes you値l create new letter forms with ease. Personally, brush lettering is one of my favorite types of lettering. It allows you to create similar looks to traditional and modern calligraphy without needing more than a pen and paper. Sometimes I値l use brush pens to sketch out designs before I even pick up a pen holder and nib. In this class I値l show you how to achieve these styles without losing the thin and thick look. The lettering above and below were done using brush markers. You値l leave class with a fun new skill that can be used to bring a flare to any project. (This is a beginners class. No previous experience in lettering skills are required.)