Basic Kit

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Basic Class Kit

  • Speedball Oblique Holder
  • 6 Nikko G Nibs
  • Borden and Riley 9x12 Marker Layout, 100 Sheet Pad
  • Higgins Eternal
  • Pentel Sign Pen with Brush Tip
  • HB Pencil
  • Pentel Clic Eraser
  • Borden & Riley Marker Layout, 100 Sheets  9X12''
    A visual, bright white, semi-transparent sheet especially good for pen and ink (no bleeding or feathering). The...[Read More]
    Price: $12.95

    Drawing Pencil, HB
    Price: $1.09

    Higgins Eternal Non-Waterproof
    Permanent and non-fading, Higgins Eternal remains one of the most popular calligraphy inks for basic use and re...[Read More]
    Price: $3.95

    Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Nikko G Nibs are high quality, hand-cut, medium flex, chrome plated Japenese pens which give very fine hairline...[Read More]
    Price: $1.55

    Pentel Clic Eraser
    5" plastic eraser in pen style holder that allows you to advance and retract the length of the eraser....[Read More]
    Price: $2.20

    Pentel Touch Sign Pen with brush tip, Black
    The Pentel Sign Pen now comes in a brush tip to allow you the versatility of a small brush. Water-based ink....[Read More]
    Price: $2.88

    Speedball Oblique Holder
    This inexpensive holder is popular with teachers and beginners for those just starting out with pointed pen cal...[Read More]
    Price: $1.90

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