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Teacher Supply Lists

Ann Cobb -- Beginning Spencerian Script
Barbara Close -- Monoline Lettering with Flowers
Brooke Holden -- Modern Calligraphy
Caitlin Dundon -- Introduction to Modern Flow Calligraphy: Pointed Pen
Calligraphy by Jennifer - Challenge
Carla Hagan -- The Calligraphy Academy
Carla Harris -- Beginning Uncial
Carol Measures Scott -- Beginning Calligraphy Online: Italic
Carol Measures Scott -- Italic Capitals Online
Carrie Imai -- Dancin' Pen Workshop -- Southwest Calligraphers
Chris Carfaro -- Beyond Handwriting
Christine Kirby
Connie Chen
Connie Furgason -- Lettering on the Dark Side -- Southwest Calligraphy Guild
Courtney Mattern -- Pleasant Avenue Paper Co.
Dreaming in Script by David Grimes
Elissa Barr
The Flourish Forum
Holly Monroe
Holly Stavness -- Beginner Calligraphy
Holly Stavness -- Intermediate Calligraphy
Fundamentals of Flourishing by Jake Weidmann
Jane Shibata
Jerise Fogel Paper Cutting Workshop
John DeCollibus -- Add a Dash of Madarasz
John Haney -- Drawing and Cartooning
Julie Kechele -- KVCC ART 150
Kathy Milici
Kei Haniya
Kelly Klapstein -- Kelly Creates
Laurie Doctor -- Absence & Presence -- Big Sky Scribes
Leslie Tieu -- Leslie's Favorite Tools
Lewes Lettering Co. -- Faux Calligraphy
Lewes Lettering Co. -- Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Logos Calligraphy + Design -- Fearless Flourishing
Logos Calligraphy + Design -- Learn Copperplate Calligraphy
Maggie Naylor -- St. George Pointed Pen
Mara Zepeda
Maureen Vickery -- Modern Calligraphy
Maryanne Grebenstein
Melissa Esplin -- I Still Love Calligraphy
Miranda Fuller -- Watercolors Inspired by Chinese Brush Painting
Molly Jacques -- Calligraphy Workshop
Molly Suber Thorpe
Paulene Cruse -- Calligraphy Practice Club
Phawnda Moore -- Pointed Pen Illustration at Mendocino Art Center
Pieces Calligraphy -- Intro to Brush Lettering
Reggie Ezell
Sarah B. Calligraphy
Scarlet & Gold Class
Southern Bee Designs -- Modern Calligraphy Workshop: The Basics
Susan Porges -- Beginning Calligraphy
Susy -- How To Handletter
Suzanne Heany -- Foundational -- Scribes of Central Florida
Suzanne Heany -- Uncial -- Scribes of Central Florida
Turquoise Cardinal -- Intro to Modern Calligraphy
TypeEd -- Calligraphy Covered Supplies