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Modern Storybook Script, Part 1 and 2

Supply List
  • Straight pen holder (Speedball Black Plastic or Your Favorite)
  • 4 Nikko G Nibs (make sure these nibs fit your holder)
  • Higgins Eternal
  • Dinky Dip Set
  • 12" Clear Plastic Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Plastic Pipette or Dropper Bottle
  • Borden and Riley Boris Marker Layout pad, 9x12
  • Rhodia Pad, Gridded, 8.25"x11.75"

  • Additional supplies needed for Part 2:
  • Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White
  • Black paper pad
  • Colored ink of your choice (suggestion: Dr. Martin's Spectralite 18k Gold)

  • Optional:
  • Gelly Roll Pens

  • Supplies not available at Paper and Ink Arts
    Viva paper towels, matches, Scotch removable tape (blue label).
    0.7mm Mechanical Pencil
    Brand may vary....[Read More]
    Price: $1.00

    Borden & Riley Marker Layout, 100 Sheets  9X12''
    A visual, bright white, semi-transparent sheet especially good for pen and ink (no bleeding or feathering). The...[Read More]
    Price: $12.95

    C-Thru Plastic Ruler  2''x18''
    Standard plastic ruler....[Read More]
    Price: $3.95

    Clear Glass Bottle & Dropper 30ml
    Clear Glass Bottle & Dropper with Black Bulb 30ml...[Read More]
    Price: $5.25

    Dinky Dips
    One of our most popular sellers! These handy sets include four vials and a small wooden storage block. Perfect ...[Read More]
    Price: $3.05

    Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White
    Covers dye colors. Works very well for dip pens;is quite viscous; considered to be one of the best whites avail...[Read More]
    Price: $9.00

    Dr.Martins Spectralite, 18K Gold
    Price: $7.75

    Gelly Roll Metallic Set of 3 (Copper, Silver, Gold)
    The Masters Hand Soap is specially formulated to remove petroleum-based paint or materials without harsh and me...[Read More]
    Price: $3.36

    Gelly Roll Stardust 2 pack, Clear
    Adds clear sparkle by itself or over other colors. No need for embossing powders!...[Read More]
    Price: $3.40

    Higgins Eternal Non-Waterproof
    Permanent and non-fading, Higgins Eternal remains one of the most popular calligraphy inks for basic use and re...[Read More]
    Price: $3.80

    Kneaded Eraser
    Large size; moldable eraser....[Read More]
    Price: $0.94

    Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Nikko G Nibs are high quality, hand-cut, medium flex, chrome plated Japenese pens which give very fine hairline...[Read More]
    Price: $1.55

    6"long, soft plastic (polyethylene)pipettes act like eye droppers and will keep mixed gouache for a later date....[Read More]
    Price: $0.21

    Rhodia Pad, Gridded 8.25"x11.75"
    The same Rhodia paper you know and love in a gridded pad. Grids are 5 squares per inch....[Read More]
    Price: $7.00

    Speedball Holder
    Black plastic, hourglass shape holder, Discounts are as follows: $15.75/12...[Read More]
    Price: $1.39

    Strathmore ArtAgain Black Paper Pad, 9x12
    Recommended by Michael Sull for pointed pen. Excellent for broad edge as well. Acid free. 24 sheets, 60lb....[Read More]
    Price: $8.79

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