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McCaffery's Glossy Black Ink 4oz

Item #: 4mcglo
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Developed by Neil McCaffery in the early 2000s, McCaffery's is a handmade iron gall ink produced with natural materials and designed to emulate deep rich shades associated with the American Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship. This ink allows users to create paper-thin hairlines like no other.

McCaffery's inks are highly acidic and can eat away at nibs. When using this ink, clean your nib thoroughly and often to avoid corrosion. You may also find mold on the surface of the ink, or a dried skin. These developments are natural and do not mean your ink has gone bad. Simply remove the mold or skin, throw it away, and stir the ink well. You are now ready to keep writing!

For pointed pen work only; do not use this ink in fountain pens or with broad-edge nibs. 4 oz bottle. This ink has an antique gray/black color rather than pure black, but will darken with age.

Read our blog post for more information about the history, manufacturing, and performance of this ink.

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