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Noodler's Ahab Flexible Pen

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The Ahab Flexible Pen was inspired by Herman Melville's novel, Moby-Dick. It features a larger, rounder body, handmade ebonite feed, flexible #6 nib, and slide piston ink mechanism. This fountain pen is great for pen fanatics who love to tinker with their tools; everything can be taken apart and adjusted to your specifications.

The unique flexible nib allows users to create line variation by applying light pressure on downstrokes. Flexible fountain pens require a slower writing pace for best results. We recommend cleaning your Ahab Flexible Pen with distilled water before using it; residual manufacturing oils may still coat the pen, which can cause ink flow issues. If your pen is particularly coated, add a small amount of dish soap to your distilled water for best results.

Constructed from eco-friendly celluloid vegetal resin. Screw-cap top. 2mL ink capacity. 5.5” capped, 5” un-capped.

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