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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Sep 13th 2022

It's the spookiest time of year, and we're hear to help you get into the Halloween spirit! We sifted through our nibs, markers, papers, and tools to find the most creepy, eerie, ominous products for your Halloween calligraphy, painting, illustration and more. This limited edition FINETEC set includes six of our favorite spooky colors! Black Mica is dark and on the matte side, making it great for outlines, while Black P… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jun 27th 2022

2021's IAMPETH Conference was held in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was such a blast! From the gorgeous hotel to the delicious pizza place right around the corner, we loved spending time in a new city. IAMPETH participants enjoyed their week of classes, the Artisan Marketplace, Silent Auction, and our weekly giveaways. We were delighted to be able to provide everyone with access to an on-site store, full of class supplies and calligraphy goodies. The… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jun 27th 2022

Schin Loong is a professional graphic artist, illustrator, and calligrapher based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Loong has a BFA from Ringling College of Art & Design, and she often incorporates artistic and playful techniques into her calligraphic work. Loong teaches workshops on Spencerian, Madarasz script, floral envelope painting, and calligraphic drawing & provides calligraphy services through Open Ink Stand Studio. Her hobbies are,… Read more
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