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Randall Hasson - Eccentric Title

Supply List

The Silent Movie era produced lettering for Title cards and also dialogue, or intertitles. When the lettering was completed by hand, it evolved into a unique style called Eccentric Title. The course will begin with history of this unique lettering, and will survey selected hand lettered intertitles of the Silent Movie era. We will then focus on exploring a split-script style of Eccentric title based on an original lettering plate published in the Speedball Textbook of 1918 by William Hugh Gordon. In addition to the unique characteristics of early 1900s lettering, participants should expect to learn aspects of lettering that include pressure and release, pen manipulation, riding the corner, and specific branching principles.

Class Supplies:
  • Dip pen holders
  • Speedball C-5 nib
  • 11" x 17" graph pad
  • OPTIONAL: Speedball A-4 and B-5 nibs
  • Speedball Nib C5
    Price: $2.19, 12/$23.88
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    Large Paper & Ink Grid Pad
    Price: $11.95
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    Speedball A Nib, Size 4
    Price: $2.29
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    Speedball B5 Nib
    Price: $2.09
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