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Bob Hurford - Fun with Split Nib

Supply List

A split nib is handled exactly as one would handle a broad-edged pen. The split nib, sometimes called a scroll pen, creates outline alphabets. With the split nib, a letter becomes a contour drawing with only lines on the outside while the center has nothing in it. Not yet, anyway. The fun part of an outline letter is what you can do around the letter and inside the letter. The only limitation is your imagination. Fun, interesting alphabets are possible with the split nib as are a myriad of other ideas. You will learn the cornering technique that can add some interesting flourishes to any letter. The alphabet below is just a small sample of what we will cover.

Class Supplies:
  • Mitchell Scroll Writer (nibs) #10 and #60
  • 3.8mm Pilot Parallel Pen Scroll Cut
  • Paper through which guidelines may be seen (Canson Marker Layout recommended)
  • Your favorite ink for pointed pen
  • At least 4 Pilot Parallel Pen cartridges in your favorite color
  • OPTIONAL: We will only spend a few minutes on the double pencil. If you want to try the double pencil, bring 2 sharpened pencils and 2-3 rubber bands to bind them.
  • Mitchell/Rexel Scroll Nib Size 10
    Price: $2.95
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    Mitchell/Rexel Scroll Nib Size 60
    Price: $2.95
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    Pilot Parallel Custom Pen, 3.8mm Scroll Cut
    Price: $14.25
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    Canson Pro Layout, 9X12
    Price: $13.09
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    Drawing Pencil
    Price: $1.26
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