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Bill Kemp - Engrosser's Script

Supply List

This class is for both beginners and students who wish to refresh themselves with the basics. Known as both Roundhand and/or Engrossing Script, this will be a class to provide the basics and true fundaments of this beautiful script. Learning how to manipulate the pointed pen to make the down strokes thick and hairline upward strokes is the focus of this grateful script. Using the Zanerian Manual and the teachings of my mentor Senior Master Penman Mr. William Lilly, we will focus on the material referenced in the manual and what I have learned from Mr. Lilly as we learn to write this script. The morning will focus on the basic strokes for the lower case to learn those letters. The afternoon will shift to the capital letters and combining them with the lower case letters for appropriate spacing.

Class Supplies:
  • Oblique penholder suggested (some may wish to use a straight pen holder)
  • Nikko G or Gillott 1068A nib (experienced individuals can use their favorite nib)
  • McCaffery's Ink, any color (or your personal favorite ink for pointed pen; also recommends Moon Palace, Walnut Ink or Old World Ink)
  • Graph paper, 5 squares per inch (Rhodia and Clairefontaine recommended)
  • Nikko G Pointed Nib
    Price: $1.55, 12/$16.92, 36/$47.88, 144/$172.80
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    Gillott 1068A Nib
    Price: $0.99, 12/$11.64, 36/$34.20, 144/$128.16
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    McCaffery's Ink
    Price: $7.00 - $9.25
    Moon Palace Sumi Ink
    Price: $11.95
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    Walnut Drawing Ink, 2.6 oz (OUT OF STOCK)
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    Old World Iron Gall Ink 2 oz, Black
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    Rhodia Pad, Gridded 8.25X11.75
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