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Jake Weidmann - Flourishing Arrangements

Supply List

An in-depth look at flourishing with a primary focus on composition. Jake will break down his approach to flourishes as stand-alone works of art and as complimentary elements to calligraphic texts. Learn how to incorporate flourishing into your calligraphy pieces to great effect as focal elements, border designs, and title embellishments. In this one-day class, Jake will lead you through a single composition to demonstrate the techniques he uses on a regular basis in many of his signature works.

Class Supplies:
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketchbook
  • White paper
  • Oblique penholder
  • Flexible penpoints (nibs)
  • Ink (Iron Gall, Sumi, or Walnut recommended)
  • Ruler
  • OPTIONAL: Larger paper, if you prefer to work larger
  • OPTIONAL: Black paper
  • OPTIONAL: White ink
  • OPTIONAL: Colored/metallic inks
  • Drawing Pencil
    Price: $1.26
    1 Review
    Small Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser
    Price: $1.59
    1 Review
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    Rhodia Pad, Blank 8.25X11.75
    Price: $9.00
    1 Review
    Choose Quantity:
    Old World Iron Gall Ink 2 oz, Black
    Price: $13.95
    1 Review
    Choose Quantity:
    McCaffery's Ink
    Price: $7.00 - $9.25
    Moon Palace Sumi Ink
    Price: $11.95
    4 Reviews
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    Walnut Drawing Ink, 2.6 oz (OUT OF STOCK)
    Price: $8.49
    1 Review
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    C-Thru Plastic Ruler  2''x18''
    Price: $3.95
    Choose Quantity:
    Stonehenge Paper 22 x 30, White
    Price: $2.99
    Choose Quantity:
    Strathmore ArtAgain Black Paper Pad, 9x12
    Price: $8.79
    Choose Quantity:
    Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White
    Price: $9.69
    Choose Quantity:
    Ziller Ink
    Price: $6.25 - $8.60
    Dr. Martin's Iridescent Colors
    Price: $7.49
    2 Reviews