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Kestrel Montes - The Business of Calligraphy: The Art of Pricing

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Determining prices can be a daunting task for artists, both new and experienced. If you feel like pricing your work is a bit like playing darts in the dim back room the local pub, this class will help you develop an actual strategy for putting numbers to your projects. We’ll spend the day talking all things money! Examples of topics we’ll discuss:
  • Doing it for the money
  • Eliminating the pricing guilt
  • The friends and family dilemma
  • Establishing our income goals
  • Price vs Worth
  • Paying ourselves fairly
  • Attracting luxury clientele
  • Benefits of pricing transparency • Differentiated pricing
  • Payment methods and schedule
    The goal is that students will:
  • understand the factors that should be considered in determining prices. • have the tools to quote prices that reflect their worth as artists.
  • assign concrete numbers to pricing (not just vague ballpark ideas).
  • develop a working price schedule of their services

    EXTRA BONUS! IAMPETH Master Penman Harvest Crittenden will join the discussion! With nearly 50 years as a professional artist, Harvest offers a wealth of information and perspective regarding working with clients and pricing her creations.

  • Class supplies: A pencil and your business hat!
  • Drawing Pencil
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