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Linda Schneider - Calligraphy that Creates Smiles

Supply List

Make your gifts special by personalizing them with calligraphy! The Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker is a special pen that lays down beautiful letters in silver and shines with a mirror finish. Linda will demonstrate and teach how to design with flourishes and script while writing on glass, mirrors, candy boxes and other glossy surfaces. Give wine with a special inscription on the bottle or write on the vase when giving a bouquet of flowers. You can even write on the green leaves! In addition, we explore ‘calligraphy on the go’, writing out names, words of encouragement, and other acts of kindness—all with pencils, pens or markers you can carry in your purse or pocket. We will work with different formats and flourishes to enhance these gifts. It only takes a moment to do something nice for someone else, and it will come back as pure joy to you!

  • Molotow Liquid Chrome markers, 1mm and 4 mm tips
  • Your favorite lettering markers in several colors (recommend Pentel Touch Flexible Brush Marker SES15C)
  • Faber-Castell PITT marker in Warm Gray for shading
  • Objects to write on (3X5 blank index cards, small mirror 3”X4” or smaller, bottles, dark glass objects)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • OPTIONAL: Nail polish remover and cotton balls for removing Liquid Chrome