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Princeton Mini Detailer Series 3050, Size 1/4 (Dagger)

Item #: pb3050DG---1-4
Our Price: $9.25


These gorgeous brushes are one of the best choices for projects that demand precision. Featuring bristles made from high-quality synthetic sable and a wooden handle coated in comfortable silk for better grip and ultimate control. Suitable for acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. Smooth application and color-holding capacity that is truly unparalleled—you’re sure to get a perfect point and crisp edge with Princeton 3050 brushes.

This unique sword-shaped brush creates extra-long strokes with linear precision. Create calligraphic marks by rotating the brush in your hand as you paint across your surface. Capable of creating extremely thin, precise lines by only using the tip, or free expressive marks by loosening up your grip.

Bristle W x L: 6.95mm x 6mm

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