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Nicker Designer Colour Gouache, Set of 12
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Nicker Designer Colour Gouache, Set of 12

Item #: s1021-12-color-set
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Nicker Colour Co., LTD is a Japanese paint manufacturer that delivers high-quality, exceptionally saturated paints that are highly acclaimed amongst professionals in calligraphy, design, and animation industries; they have even been used in Japanese animation studios like Studio Ghibli to paint backgrounds.

Developed from over 50 years of research and experience, this opaque watercolour paint is made with the highest quality pigments and less extender pigment, allowing for excellent color mixing without muddying. Like most gouache, these colors are water-soluble and can be used like watercolors, but feature an opaque rather than translucent finish. These paints are easy-to-use for beginners and professionals alike.

This set includes one each of the following colors: Lemon Yellow 501, Chrome Yellow 505, Mandarin Orange 509, Carmine 523, Magenta 527, Royal Purple 530, Cobalt Blue 537, Cerulean Blue 543, Viridian 547, Lawn Green 554, White 557, and Black 560.

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