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Sakura Gelly Roll Collection

Sakura Gelly Roll Collection
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Item # glcomp
Description - For those of you who are in love with the Sakura Gelly Roll line, this kit will be a dream come true. It contains all of the Gelly Roll lines in a sturdy carrying case. The specific contents of the 64 piece set are as follows: *FINE (Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Red) *MEDIUM (Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Brown, Burgundy, White) * METALLIC (Black, Burgundy, Purple, Sepia, Hunter Green, Blue/Black, Red, Green, Copper, Gold, Blue, Pink, Emerald, Silver) * GOLD SHADOW (Pink, Blue, Lavender, Green, Black) *SILVER SHADOW (Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue) *STAR DUST (Silver-Star, Copper-Star, Blue-Star, Purple-Star, Marine-Star, Rose-Star, Golden-Star,Lime-Star, Red-Star, Pink-Star, Sky-Star, Green-Star, and Clear) *MOONLIGHT (Red, Green, Purple, Rose, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Green, Fl. Vermilion, Blue, Fl. Pink )
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Sakura Gelly Roll