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All About Paint Markers

All About Paint Markers

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 18th 2024

All About Paint Markers

Our carefully curated selection of paint markers is your gateway to a world of limitless creativity. Whether you're practicing brush lettering, designing your own custom headphones, or adding highlights to your manga illustrations, we've handpicked markers that cater to every style and need.

From the brand-new Pebeo Acrylic Marker with its bonus replacement tip to the truly unique Molotow Liquid Chrome, this email newsletter is stock full of versatile tools that will help you bring your artistic visions to life. Let's get started!

For Those Who Prefer the Classics: Uni POSCA Markers

For Those Who Prefer the Classics: 

Uni POSCA Markers Posca markers contain opaque water-based paint for marking on almost anything: metal, wood, glass, plastic, plaster, clay, canvas and more. Marks on non-porous surfaces are waterproof but can be removed with an ammonia-based cleaner. Widely used for customizing things like shoes, headphones, surfboards, etc.

Excellent for chalkboard signs- even those exposed to the weather. Great for temporarily marking up glass windows, and by far the most popular paint marker on the market.

What makes them unique: Available in the widest range, including 8 tip styles (from chisel to brush), 4 ink types (metallic, fluorescent, glitter, and matte), and 55 colors.

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For Broad-Edge Calligraphers: Sakura Pentouch

For Broad-Edge Calligraphers: Sakura Pentouch

These valve-action markers flow with rich, smooth-flowing paint. Archival quality, waterproof, and fade resistant on most surfaces including cardstock, plastic, wood, porcelain, paper and metal. Permanent adhesion on most surfaces, except for glass and ceramics.

Available in 2 basic colors: Black and White.

3 metallic colors: Copper, Gold, and Silver.

What makes it unique: Available in 1.8mm and 5mm square calligraphy tips for easy broad edge hands, like Italic, Foundational, Romans, Blackletter, and more.

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For Brush Pen Lettering: Karin Pigment DecoBrush

For Brush Pen Lettering: Karin Pigment DecoBrush

Pigment DecoBrush markers from karin are opaque, acrylic paints enclosed in a marker with a flexible, brush-like-tip! Paints can be blended, lightened, and tonal transitions achieved by contacting the tips of the markers together or blending directly on the painted surface. They work on glass, paper, plastic, wood, stone, canvas, and more. Once dry, they are lightfast, permanent, and opaque. Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic acrylic pigment-based paints.

What makes them unique: Widest color range available for brush tip, permanent paint markers.

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For Functionality and Compatibility: Molotow One4All Marker

For Functionality and Compatibility: Molotow One4All Marker

For Functionality and Compatibility: Molotow One4All Marker

Experience limitless creativity with these highly opaque and UV- resistant acrylic markers from Molotow. Ideal for nearly all surfaces, from canvases to sneakers and even electric guitars. Refillable, tip- exchangeable, and eco-friendly, ONE4ALL Markers offer 50 stunning color shades, and you can easily mix custom colors.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects, and their quick-drying, non-toxic formula ensures a smooth painting experience.

What makes them unique: Compatible with all MOLOTOW spray paint and markers.

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Zig Cartoonist Ultra Fine White Brush Pen

Zig Cartoonist Ultra Fine White Brush Pen

For Comic Artists and Cartoonists: Zig Ultra Fine White Brush Pen

This compact white brush pen from Kuretake is a must-have for manga, calligraphy, and illustration. Its soft bristles produce great line variation, from ultra-fine precision lines to bold strokes for filling larger areas. Draw highlights, fine details, and correct lines. Plus its water-based pigment ink dries quickly, resists water, and is compatible with alcohol markers.

What makes it unique: Uses a twist-action to increase ink flow, rather than pump-action, which protects the tip.

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For Those Who Want to Try Something New: Pebeo Acrylic Marker

For Those Who Want to Try Something New: Pebeo Acrylic Marker

These water-based acrylic paint markers from Pebeo work like a dream on paper, cardboard, wood, metal, ceramics, plastic, and canvas. Each marker has a pump action for precise control and opaque, quick-drying, lightfast, permanent ink.

What makes them unique: Each marker comes with a bonus replacement tip in the cap.

Click here for a quick lettering video with the Pebeo Acrylic Fine Tip marker in Bright Green 424.

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For Eco-Friendly Artists: Montana Acrylic Markers

These paint markers feature highly pigmented paint that is light-fast, non-toxic, waterproof, quick-drying, and has incredible covering power. Colors dry with a matte finish and can be applied to almost any surface, including paper, walls, windows, canvas, wood, metal, and more.

Valve-action tips allow for accurate handling and application, and transparent bodies make it easy to see how much paint you have left. For weather resistance, seal your designs with Montana Varnish Gloss.

What makes them unique: You can buy replacements for almost every part of the marker, from the tip to the ink. With ink refill bottles as large as 180mL, these markers are built to last.

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For Something Truly Special: Molotow Liquid Chrome

For Something Truly Special: Molotow Liquid Chrome

These chrome markers have taken the creative world by storm! Highly pigmented with specially-formulated chrome ink, they conjure up a true mirror effect that's well-loved by model-making, graffiti, hobby, DIY artists, calligraphers, and more.

Born from years of MOLOTOW BURNER ink refinement, Molotow Liquid Chrome will become your go-to for achieving the most stunning mirror effects on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces.

What makes them unique: Need we say more?

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