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Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 31st 2023

Have you tried Amsterdam acrylic ink yet? This highly pigmented ink is extremely light-fast, waterproof when dry, and comes in a truly unique line of colors. Amsterdam can also be used for a wide varieties of creative techniques, including dip pen calligraphy, paint pouring, and fountain pens. We're delighted to showcase the many uses for this gorgeous, multi-faceted ink.

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink

This tiny color chart from @crazyartgirl27 showcases Amsterdam acrylic ink's bright and unique selection of colors! From Brilliant Blue and Carmine to Deep Gold and Quinacridone Rose, you're sure to find a favorite shade. Each bottle of Amsterdam comes with an attached eyedropper; just stir before using and you're ready to create. Want more color options? These inks are easily intermixable, and you can make colors lighter with a few drops of distilled water.

@runetveitjens with Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Illustrators will love Amsterdam! @runetveitjens created these cute and colorful characters with these acrylic inks. We love the variety of techniques you can use Amsterdam for; its a great choice for artists and calligraphers who practice a variety of different mediums.

@royaltalensau with Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Pair Amsterdam acrylic inks with fluid mediums and you can easily make beautiful, vibrant works of art with paint pouring! Adding our polymer medium to Amsterdam will help uses regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, and create the perfect viscosity and flow for paint pouring, without sacrificing Amsterdam's color integrity. @royaltalensau used Carmine, Titanium White, and Deep Gold to create a beautiful painting with this technique.

@carlacreaties with Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Amsterdam inks are great for a variety of calligraphic techniques! Their metallic shades have great coverage power; use silver or gold on top of watercolors or gouache like @carlacreaties did for this Pooh-inspired painting and you'll get amazing results.

Amsterdam Inks for Calligraphy

Calligraphy by @molly.marbles Ink: Amsterdam Acrylic Ink, Turquoise Green and Greyish Blue. Nib: Nikko G Holder: Pocket Scribbler, Turquoise

We celebrated National Handwriting Day with Amsterdam inks! This holiday was introduced in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, and happens every year on John Hancock's birthday. National Handwriting Day hopes to re-introduce Americans to the joy and purity of writing with pen and paper, especially as the popularity of typing via computers and other electronics continues to grow. Celebrate with us by taking a picture of your handwriting and posting it on social media with the hashtag #NationalHandwritingDay.

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink painting

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink painting

Artwork by @spaghetti_bolognese Brush: Winsor & Newton Sceptre Series, No. 1 and No. 4 Pen: Pentel Hybrid Technica, 0.5mm

The possibilities never end––try Amsterdam with a brush for beautiful paintings, illustrations, or hand-lettering! We used Brilliant Blue, Carmine, Olive Green Light, Naples Yellow Red Light, Yellowish Green, and Quinacridone Rose Light for this vibrant group of flowers. Are you wishing winter was over as much as we do?

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink color chart

Refer to this color chart for each individual color's lightfastness and opacity

You can purchase Amsterdam acrylic inks here.