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Brand Spotlight: Raphael

Brand Spotlight: Raphael

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Apr 30th 2024

Step into the world of timeless craftsmanship with Raphael, the esteemed fine art brush maker tracing its roots back to Paris in 1793. For over two centuries, the Sauer family has nurtured and refined the legacy, crafting brushes cherished by artists worldwide. Upholding the revered tradition of master and apprentice, Raphael’s skilled craftswomen undergo years of training, culminating in the creation of each exquisite brush. Imported from across the globe, only the finest hairs and bristles grace their meticulous hands, ensuring unparalleled quality. Keep reading to discover which Raphael brush is your ideal painting companion.

Raphael Kaerell Flat Brush

Red and Reliable

Raphael's Kaerell Flat Brushes are made with synthetic bristles, but you wouldn't know if we didn't tell you! Get the quality, suppleness, and elasticity of Raphael brushes at a much more economical price that traditional sable hair. Kaerell brushes are soft, versatile, durable, easy to clean, and have excellent color and water carrying capacity. Nickel-brass ferrule and a red handle make them stand out from the crowd.

Best Media: Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil

Best Techniques: Their flat brushes are fantastic for broad calligraphic strokes, and their pointed brushes are perfect for fine details.

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Raphael Synthetic Kolinsky Watercolor Brush

Synthetic Secret

Professional-grade synthetic sable performs like genuine Kolinksky hair but with easier washing, less wear, and all while holding an impressive amount of water. Pair that with precise handmade tips for a high-quality brush that we dare you to compare to your genuine Kolinskys. All brushes in this series feature a comfortable black rubber soft-grip handle and glossy black ferrule.

Best Media: Watercolor, Ink

Best Techniques: Round for delicate watercolor details; dagger for thin lines + teardrop shapes for flowers, petals and leaves; rigger for hassle-free long lines––straight, jagged, or curved.

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Bamboo Travel Set

Painting Adventures

This travel brush set from Raphael is designed to accompany you on your creative journey. Each features a carefully curated collection of high-quality watercolor brushes that give you the tools you need to paint with finesse wherever you go. These brushes excel at holding watercolor, gouache, and ink, offering consistent performance stroke after stroke. Plus, they maintain their shape, providing you with precise control over your artwork. Also included is a bamboo roll-up case, perfect for storing and safeguarding your brushes.

Best Media: Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic

Best Techniques: Plein air paintings

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Raphael Precision Imitation Sable Brush Series 8564, Angled

Perfect Precision

Designed for impeccable detail work and complete control, these premium synthetic brushes offer precision like no other. Crafted with springy, shape-retaining fibers, Raphael Precision brushes deliver sharp edges and hairline textures with every stroke. Whether applying delicate details or bold, concentrated color, experience professional-quality results with the feel of natural red sable hair. Complete with a faux wooden handle and nickel ferrule.

Best Media: Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic

Best Techniques: These angled brushes are the perfect choice for cutting in along edges, straight lines, and precise shading.

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Watercolor Essentials

Get Started with the Essentials

With these curated brush sets from Raphael, you’ll have the building blocks to create beautiful watercolor paintings. From The Must Haves, featuring a mop and round brush, to Travel, a miniature version of the same brushes, this collection covers every possible technique you’re looking for. Want to create washes and broad strokes? Choose For Backgrounds. More interested in high precision work and small details? Choose For Details.

Best Media: All

Best for: Beginners

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Raphael SoftAqua Quill/Mop Watercolor Brush

Go Bold

Experience the lushness and absorbency of traditional squirrel hair brushes, reimagined with synthetic fibers that are vegan and cruelty-free. Crafted to replicate the texture and softness of squirrel hair, Softaqua brushes deliver impeccable performance with every stroke. Dip into watercolor and watch as the fibers form a perfect shape, allowing for seamless transitions between thin and thick marks.

Best Media: Watercolor, Ink, Gouache, Tempera

Best Techniques: Washes, backgrounds, solid color blocks, and broad strokes.

Click here to see SoftAqua Quill/Mop brushes in action.

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Raphael Le Voyageur Travel Set Of 3

Travel Trio

This stunning travel set from Raphael features three travel size brushes with rose gold handles packaged in an embossed imitation leather wallet. Each brush is a compact travel size, but includes a dual use cap that protects your brushes while you’re on the move, but can be placed on the end of the brush to extend the handle when you’re ready to paint. Wallet case features a clip on the back for attaching to your belt, notebook, backpack, and more.

Best Media: Watercolor, Ink, Gouache, Tempera, Acrylic

Best for: Gifting to your glitziest painting companion.

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