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Earth Day is April 22

Earth Day is April 22

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Apr 24th 2024

Celebrate Earth Day with us as we shine a spotlight on our most sustainable products and earth-toned supplies. From recycled treasures to refillable markers and vegan art papers, our collection embodies a commitment to both artistic excellence and environmental stewardship. Join us on a journey of innovation and inspiration as we showcase a curated selection of eco-conscious materials that make it easy for you to create stunning works of art that celebrate and protect our planet.

Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Oblique

Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Oblique

Eco-Friendly Flourishing

Upgrade your calligraphy game with Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Oblique – the ultimate tool for effortless flourishing. Say goodbye to pliers and screws – simply slide your favorite nib into the holder, twist, and you're ready to create stunning designs in no time! This uniquely crafted oblique holder accommodates a wide range of nibs, from Nikko Gs to crowquills to the Brause EF66, while also offering the convenience of holding 2mm pencil lead for precise drafting.

Crafted from easily separable, infinitely recyclable materials like brass and aluminum, each pen is handmade, ensuring its uniqueness while also prioritizing sustainability. Plus, its ability to hold any size nib means you could never need another holder again, which cuts down on waste + shipping emissions. Embrace eco-friendly calligraphy without compromising on style or functionality.

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Molotow Acrylic One4All Marker

Refillable Brilliance

Molotow Acrylic One4All Markers offer unparalleled opacity and UV resistance, making them perfect for a myriad of surfaces, from canvases to sneakers and electric guitars. Each marker is refillable and tip-exchangeable, cutting down on plastic waste as you can continue to refill the marker again and again. These markers come in 50 vibrant shades, allowing you to create your own custom palette

Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, their quick-drying, non-toxic formula ensures a seamless painting experience. Made in Germany for artists who demand excellence, these markers are compatible with MOLOTOW spray paint and markers, offering endless possibilities for your next masterpiece.

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Hahnemuhle Natural Line

Hahnemuhle Natural Line

Earth-Friendly Essential

Sustainably produced and environmentally-friendly, Hahnemhule's Natural Line papers are perfect for artists who want to make a positive impact. Choose from Hemp Sketch for a fine-grain paper made from natural hemp fibers, Bamboo Mixed Media for a lightly textured, versatile paper, or Agave Watercolor for a cold press, natural-white paper perfect for watercolor techniques. Plus, all papers are acid-free, age-resistant, and vegan! Make your art as earth-friendly as can be with Hahnemhle's Natural Line.

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Stillman & Birn Paper Packs

Vegan-Friendly Paper Packs

Perfect for plein air adventures, studio projects, or securing to art boards for stability during wet techniques, these unbound fine art paper packs offer unparalleled versatility. Stillman & Birn’s exceptional Mixed Media series empowers artists to customize paper weight, shade, and texture to match their unique vision.

Experience peace of mind knowing that these archival-quality papers are not only acid-free and chloride-free but also ethically manufactured using vegan sizing materials. These papers support a range of techniques, from initial sketches to multi-media layering. With surfaces designed to facilitate fluid drawing strokes, effortless erasures, and seamless blending, Stillman & Birn Art Paper Sheet Packs are your trusted companion on every creative journey.

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Ziller Earth Tones set

Nature’s Palette

Dive into a world of vibrant landscapes and captivating calligraphy with this exceptional set. Crafted from high-quality, pigmented acrylic inks, Ziller offers a unique palette of hues known for their smooth consistency and versatility across various mediums. Whether you're wielding a pointed pen, broad-edge nib, or brush, these inks deliver impeccable results.

The Earth Tone set features six captivating colors: Sweet Grass Green, Meadow Green, Azure Blue, Lagoon Blue, Buffalo Brown, and Sunflower Yellow, perfect for bringing your landscape-inspired visions to life. Conveniently pre-mixed and bottled in wide-mouth jars, Ziller inks are a hassle-free addition to your artistic arsenal.

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Tombow Recycled Pencils

Sustainable Scribbles

Embrace sustainability with Tombow Recycled Pencils! Every stroke with a pencil from the Tombow Kimonogatari series is a nod to the environment. Utilizing a finger joint technique, offcuts of wood are seamlessly joined, allowing for the reuse of scrap materials. Even the graphite is recycled, sourced as a by-product from the factory's manufacturing process and meticulously refined into high-purity lead.

From the packaging made of recycled paper to its Eco Mark certification earned back in 1992, these pencils are a testament to sustainability at every step. Available in HB or Vermilion, they not only offer exceptional quality but also a commitment to making a positive impact on our planet.

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Decorative Paper from Nepal

Lotka Love

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Nepalese craftsmanship with this exquisite collection of handmade papers. Sourced from the bark of the Daphne plant, locally known as Lokta, these papers are a true embodiment of sustainability and traditional artistry. Crafted with care by small-scale cottage industries and women's cooperatives in Kathmandu, each sheet not only showcases stunning designs but also supports local artisans and the regeneration of plant life in the mountains of Nepal. Whether you're crafting collages, bookbinding, or scrapbooking, these eco-friendly papers bring a touch of artisanal charm to every project.

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Diane Townsend Soft Form Pastel Set Of 12

Diane Townsend Soft Form Pastel Set Of 12

Green Dreams

Handcrafted with precision and passion since 1971, Diane Townsend pastels are a testament to artisanal excellence. Infused with pumice for vibrant texture and meticulously shaped by hand, each pastel offers a unique touch for smooth, flowing application. Whether you're blending verdant greens or rich earth tones, these pastels provide unparalleled vibrancy and versatility. Balanced with just the right amount of chalk, clay, and other materials, they enable effortless layering and mixing to bring your artistic visions to life. Explore the beauty of earth-inspired hues with the Mood for Green + Damp Earth palettes and let your creativity bloom!

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