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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Mar 27th 2024

Celebrate National Pencil Day with Paper & Ink ArtsMarch 30 is National Pencil Day! Did you know that on that day in 1858, Hymen Lipman secured the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil? Before this ingenious invention, pencils and erasers were separate entities. But this day isn't just about celebrating a humble writing tool; it's about recognizing the pencil's profound impact on history. From teaching generations the a… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 31st 2023

Introducing the simple yet sophisticated Uni Emott Ever Fine! These pens feature a clean, minimalist design and durable plastic tips that resist breaking and bending. The Emott comes in a variety of sets, each of which features a precisely curated colored scheme. Keep reading to see how versatile and beautiful the Emott can be. Pictured above: Emott Set of 10 #1; includes the following colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, B… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 19th 2023

Our selection of inks may be curated for calligraphers, but most can be used for a wide variety of other projects as well. Today we're going to go over our best inks for drawing and illustration. Whether you're inking comics, sketching in your favorite notebook, or commissioning an original design, these inks will make your drawings professional, high-quality works of art.Ink drawing has been popular for centuries, with artists such as Leonardo d… Read more