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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Mar 11th 2024

Our St. Patrick's Day CollectionGet green this St. Patrick's Day with our curated selection of the luckiest calligraphy supplies from our shelves! From captivating inks blending earthy moss green with glimmering gold to elegant letter sets in cream and green hues, each item adds a touch of charm to your creative endeavors. Collage and cut with Kokuyo's versatile 2-in-1 cutter, and don't miss out on our favorite green watercolor palettes. Keep rea… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Feb 16th 2023

The beautiful Rose nib is manufactured by Brause, a German company founded in 1850 by Carl Bergfeld and brothers Friedrich, Wilhelm and Carl Brause. Brause has produced some of the highest quality supplies for calligraphers throughout their history, and continues to today.The Rose is modeled on a vintage nib design and features a lovely embossed rose on the body. However, this pointed pen is more than just a pretty face; with the perfect bal… Read more