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The Ultimate Guide to Pen Cleaners

The Ultimate Guide to Pen Cleaners

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Feb 26th 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Pen Cleaners

Uh-oh! Your tools have seen better days, but fear not! We've got the magic potion to get them sparkling clean again! Dive into our treasure trove of brush, pen, and nib cleaners, each with its own superpower for tackling grime. Hooked on fountain pens? Reach for Speedball’s Pen Cleaner. Prefer wielding a brush? Masters from General Pencil Co. is your trusty sidekick. Keep reading to find the best cleaning solution for all your artistic escapades!

Bombay Pen Cleaner is a general-purpose pen cleaner for dye and pigmented inks + watercolor. Transfer a small amount to a bowl or cup, then dip or soak pen parts and nibs to clean.

Best for: Dye and water-based inks

What makes it special? Non-corrosive & non-toxic.

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Rejuvenate your pens, brushes, and other lettering instruments with Higgins Pen Cleaner. This trusted solution is a must-have for artists and calligraphers. Simply immerse nibs or other articles in undiluted pen cleaner. Soak for 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the staining levels.

Best for: Stuck-on stains

What makes it special? Can also be used at full strength in ultrasonic cleaning units

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Perfect for removing dried ink from your fountain pens, technical pens, and dip pens. Soak tools in cleaner for 30 minute, then rinse/flush with warm water. Allow to dry before using again.

Best for: Fountain and technical pens

What makes it special? Available in 2 sizes: Standard 2 oz or 16 oz for the ones who LOVE to make a mess.

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Ziller’s Pen Cleaner is specifically designed to remove pesky, dried on pigmented acrylic inks from your favorite nibs. Plus, its also great for stubbornly clogged fountain pens! Simply remove the nib, cycle the cleaner through the pen a few times, rinse, and let dry completely.

Best for: Acrylic inks

What makes it special? Surprisingly multi-purpose while also the best at removing the peskiest type of ink stain—acrylic.

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Say goodbye to stubborn ink residue on your dip pen nibs with Tachikawa’s Ink Remover. This pocket-sized jar contains a handy sponge soaked with solvent, ready to tackle all types of ink stains. Simply insert your pen nib into the sponge repeatedly until the nib wipes clean!

Best for: Changing between colors in a single project

What makes it special? Designed specifically with dip pens in mind.

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The Masters® Brush Cleaner and Preserver has been keeping brushes in beautiful shape since 1979! Use this brush cleaner to remove oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache, stains, and varnishes from your paintbrushes to keep them in tip-top shape.

Best for: Brushes

What makes it special? You can also use Masters® to restore brushes whose bristles have hardened or accumulated build-up! Simply wet with water, swirl, lather, and let brush sit a while before rinsing.

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