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Watercolor Accessories

Watercolor Accessories

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Apr 10th 2024

Watercolor Accessories

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your watercolor journey, we've got you covered with the best tools to elevate your studio setup. From multifunctional dishes to portable misting bottles, our curated selection goes beyond paints and brushes to provide you with everything you need for a seamless painting experience. Let's make waves in the world of watercolor together!

Collapsible Water Pots

Get Creative Anywhere

Meet your new travel essential! Compact, cute, and oh-so-functional, these water pots collapse flat for easy packing and expand effortlessly whenever inspiration strikes. Plus, its scalloped sides are perfect for resting your brushes or pens. Crafted from heavy-duty rubber/plastic, it's a snap to clean.

Measuring just 1 1/16" tall collapsed and 3" tall when extended, it's the ultimate space-saving solution. Choose from vibrant Blue or Pink to add a pop of color to your art kit!

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Kaimei Mortar & Pestle

The Daily Grind Just Got Cuter

Crafted from durable white ceramic, this miniature mortar and pestle is perfect for grinding pigments, mixing mediums, and creating pastes with ease. With a compact size of 2.75" in diameter and 1.5" in height, it's the perfect fit for any artist's workspace. Plus, the pestle boasts a rough grinding surface on its round end, ensuring optimal performance every time.

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Kaimei Multifunctional Dish

Not Just Any Old Dish

Introducing your new studio sidekick: our versatile multifunctional dish! With a convenient U-shaped hill for easy brush cleaning, a handy spout, double tool holder, and a hidden 6-pan mixing palette, this gem is a game-changer for painting, calligraphy, mixed media, and beyond. Stackable and space-saving, it's the ultimate must-have for your watercolor studio.

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Nesting Storage Pot

Surprise Trio

This nesting storage pot is not only adorable, but practical too! Upon arrival, your pot will unveil a delightful surprise - two additional pots nestled snugly inside (3 total). The main pot features convenient cutouts on each side, allowing the two smaller pots to securely snap into place, forming a versatile three-part storage unit. With its convenient attached handle, you can effortlessly hang or carry your nesting pot wherever inspiration takes you.

Wondering how to make the most of your nesting pot? Here are a couple of our favorite suggestions:

  • Keep your favorite pens neatly organized by color.
  • Fill two pots with water and reserve the third for brushes, ensuring hassle-free clean water/dirty water separation.

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Travel Metal Watercolor Palettes

Travel Metal Watercolor Palettes

Portable Palette Powerhouse

Unlock your creativity on the go with these versatile empty metal pans, perfect for crafting your own watercolor palettes during your travels, classes, and workshops! Lift the lid to reveal a convenient mixing palette for creating your own custom colors. Beneath that, discover two metal strips equipped with six slots each, designed to snugly hold watercolor pans (available for purchase separately).

Gather 12 empty watercolor pans and fill them with your preferred tube watercolors, ensuring you have precisely what you need without any excess. Click here to see us create our own palette with Holbein Artist Watercolors.

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Paint Pucks

Ultimate Rinse Cups

Your Brushes’ New Best Friends

Paint Pucks feature soft silicone agitators that effortlessly deep clean your brushes with minimal effort. With suction cups on the bottom, they'll stay put on the bottom or sides of your favorite Mason jar or rinsing cup. Say hello to extended brush lifespan while saving water, time, and money!

Or reach for the Ultimate Rinse Cup: with spill-preventing flaps, a built-in drip-catching tray, and a wide grippy silicone base, this cup has it all. Plus, it comes with a patented Paint Puck in the bottom for extra cleaning power. And when you're done painting, pop your brushes into one of the 30 silicone holders on the rim for perfect drying.

Both are compact, portable, and dishwasher-safe, perfect for home or classroom use.

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Mini Misters

Mini Misting Magic

Portable and perfect for on-the-go, this tiny wonder is a must-have for classes or travels. Fill your Mini Mister with water or water-based inks and paints to unleash your favorite painting or mixed media techniques everywhere.

Available in open stock or a set of 3.

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Water Bowl + Brush Holders

Handmade and Handy

Say goodbye to messy workspaces and hello to effortless cleanup with these gorgeous water bowl + brush holder combos. Rinse and rest your holders and brushes with ease while working, thanks to its ingenious design. Plus, with its sleek options in green, blue, or white, it adds a touch of class and sophistication to your painting practice. Handmade by Jane Broadbent from Broadbent Pottery.

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