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Kuretake Empty Karappo Pen, Fine
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Kuretake Empty Karappo Pen, Fine

Item #: ECF060-401
Our Price: $2.95


These amazing pens from Kuretake allow users to truly customize their writing experience. “Karappo” means “empty” in Japanese; each of these pens features an empty ink core that you can use to absorb your favorite non-waterproof inks and custom colors. Here are instructions for use:

  • Remove the core and dip into your ink of choice.
  • Wait until the reservoir is 50-80% soaked with ink, then remove and wipe off any excess drips.
  • Place the core back into the pen.
  • Plug the pen with the included seal
  • Write away!

    This pen features a 0.4mm fine line tip. Set includes one empty pen, one core, a stopper, cap, and two stickers to label your pen with it’s ink color. Ink is not included. For best results, Kuretake recommends using this pen with ink from their Ink Café Mixing Kit. Non-waterproof inks such as fountain pen ink are also suitable.

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