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Kuretake Empty Karappo Pen, Cartridge Type, Fine Brush
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Kuretake Empty Karappo Pen, Cartridge Type, Fine Brush

Item #: ECF060-601
Our Price: $7.50


This new version of Kuretake's "Karappo" empty pen uses ink cartridges instead of ink sticks, so they can be refilled and reused!

These amazing pens from Kuretake allow users to truly customize their writing experience. “Karappo” means “empty” in Japanese; each of these pens features an empty ink cartridge that you can use to write with your favorite non-waterproof inks and custom colors. This Karappo pen features a fine, slightly flexible brush tip similar to the Tombow Fudenosuke or Pentel Touch Sign Pen with Brush Tip. Here are instructions for use:

  • Use the included eyedropper to draw up ink of of your choice.
  • Squeeze the ink into a small opening on one of your empty cartridges.
  • Use one metal ball to seal off the opening.
  • Push the cartridge into the pen body.
  • You're ready to write!
    Includes two empty ink cartridges, an eyedropper for filling the cartridges, and two metal balls for sealing the cartridges after you fill them. Additional empty ink cartridges are available here.

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