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Harvest Crittenden - Spencerian Lettering

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This workshop is designed to explore the elegant, flowing lettering style of Spencerian Script, designed by Platt Rogers Spencer in the 1800’s. We will examine the gracefulness of nature’s forms that inspired Mr. Spencer and are replicated in the oval shapes on which the writing system is based. We will include the lower and upper case, along with word spacing and line spacing. We will start with pencil and work our way up to pen and ink. This class is designed for all skill levels and for anyone who would simply like to refresh their skills. Spencerian is most frequently written with an oblique penholder but experience with an oblique penholder is not necessary. If left- handed, you may prefer to use a straight penholder. We will also take a look at the differences between Spencerian Script and Copperplate Script for a better understanding of the elements unique to each form.

  • Nikko G or Zebra G nibs recommended for beginners (advanced students may prefer a more flexible nib)
  • Oblique penholder (left-handers may prefer straight penholder depending on amount of hook when writing)
  • Walnut ink in small container
  • Good quality translucent paper (Borden & Riley, Canson or Clairefontaine recommended)
  • Nikko G Pointed Nib
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    Zebra Comic G Nib
    Price: $1.95, 10/$18.50, 100/$175.00
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    Walnut Drawing Ink, 2 oz.
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    Faber-Castell Click & Go Water Pot
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    Canson Pro Layout, 50 sheets 9" x 12"
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    ClaireFontaine Triomphe Pad
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