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Pointed Pen Nibs

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Paper and Ink Arts Pointed Pen Favorites Sampler
This specially curated set includes twelve popular nibs for pointed pen calligraphy. Find out which is one is your favorite! This sampler includes one each of the following nibs: Gillott 303, Zebra G, Hunt 22, Hiro 40, ...
Our Price: $16.99

Brause 511 Medium Drawing Nib
Brause 513 Hard Drawing Nib
Brause B50 Pfannen Nib
Brause Extra Fine 66 Nib
Brause Rose Nib
Brause Steno Pen Nib
Copperplate Sampler of 25 Nib
Copperplate Double Sampler (2 ea of 25 nibs)
Gillott 170 Nib
Gillott 290 Nib
Gillott 291 Nib
Gillott 303 Nib
Gillott 404 Nib
Gillott 1068A Nib
Gillott 1950 Nib
Hiro 40 Nib
Hiro 41 Nib
Hiro 111 EF Nib
Hiro 700 Nib
Hunt 22B Nib
Hunt 56 Nib
Hunt 99 Nib
Hunt 100 Nib
Hunt 101 Nib
Hunt 103 Nib
Hunt 512 Nib
Hunt 513EF Nib
Leonardt #30 Drawing Nib
Leonardt 33 Nib
Leonardt Extra Fine Principal Nib
Leonardt General Drawing Nib
Manuscript G Nib
Mitchell/Rexel Copperplate Elbow Nib
Nikko G Pointed Nib
Paper and Ink Arts Pointed Pen Favorites Sampler
Rubinato Nibs for Tiny Writing - Copper
Tachikawa G Nib
Tachikawa T-5 School Nib
Tachikawa T-99 Maru Nib
Tachikawa T-600
Vintage Esterbrook 520 Penesco
Vintage Esterbrook 531 Flyer Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 805 Oval Point Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 905 Radio Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 954 Radio Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 968 Radio Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 988 Radio Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 5668 Dip-Less Fountain Pen Nib
Vintage Esterbrook 5556 Dip-Less Fountain Pen Nib
Vintage Gillott 1032 Nib
Vintage Gillott 1158 Super Orb Pointed Nib
Vintage Hunt 22 Nib
Vintage Hunt Silverine X-24 Nib
Vintage Hunt 24 Ledger Nib
Vintage Hunt 42 Rigid Nib
Vintage Hunt Silverine X-98 Nib
Vintage Hunt 100 Artist Nib
Vintage Leonardt 509F Ball-Pointed Nib
Vintage Spencerian Pen Co. 30 Bronze Falcon Nib
Zebra Comic G Nib
Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Brause EF66
Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Gillott 404
Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Hunt 101
Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Nikko G
Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Zebra G