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Tom's Studio Flourish Carrot Oblique

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The new Flourish Carrot from Tom’s Studio was designed for those who like a compact pen holder and a lovely curved body for improved grip and stability. It takes all the best features from my the beloved Flourish Curve original and sprinkles in some new elements:

Firstly, the weight, it will surprise you (in a good way). Once you put pen to paper you'll notice how the weight increases stability and your nib, int turn, will glide across the page. This reassuring weight paired with the body shape of the carrot will mean you barely have to hold the pen when you write (it will do a lot of the work for you) helping you to avoid the dreaded 'calligrapher claw' and improve your technique in the long run.

You can now park the pliers and say sayonara to screws. Instead all you need to do is place your favourite nib in the holder, twist and you’ll be back to flourishing in a flash!” Tom’s Studio’s uniquely designed Flourish Curve Oblique fits nibs from Nikko G’s to crowquills to the Brause EF66. It even holds 2mm pencil lead, so you can draft your creations before committing to ink.

Approximate measurements: 4.9” OR 12.5 cm long | 2cm OR 0.78” at widest point. Weighs 36g. Comes in a beautifully crafted gift box. Made from easily separable, infinitely recyclable materials (brass and aluminum) so you can rest assured your calligraphy is sustainable. Each pen is handmade, thus entirely unique. Nib not included.

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