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Emott EverFine

Emott EverFine

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 31st 2023

Introducing the simple yet sophisticated Uni Emott Ever Fine! These pens feature a clean, minimalist design and durable plastic tips that resist breaking and bending. The Emott comes in a variety of sets, each of which features a precisely curated colored scheme. Keep reading to see how versatile and beautiful the Emott can be. Pictured above: Emott Set of 10 #1; includes the following colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Blue, Green, Light Green, and Yellow.

Emott EverFine Island Set of 5

The Emott Ever Fine is a perfect choice for all your bullet journaling needs! These pens will give you consistent fine lines, water-resistant ink, and won't bleed through pages or smear. We decorated our weekly bullet journal spread using Emott's Island Set of 5. This set includes the following colors: Sky Blue, Turquoise, Pine Green, Dark Yellow, and Brown.

Emott EverFine 10 Set #2

Emott's bleed-resistant ink makes them perfect for all your notetaking needs. Studies have shown that writing notes by hand make it easier to absorb information, and handwritten notes are definitely more colorful and attractive than typewritten ones. Whether you're in an important board meeting, studying for your latest exam, or attending Sunday School, these pens will make your notes easy to read and easy on the eyes. We used the Set of 10 #2 for this research page about the octopus. This set includes the following colors: Grey, Beige, Light Orange, Coral Pink, Light Pink, Baby Pink, Light Violet, Sky Blue, Light Blue, and Emerald Green.

Emott EverFine Vintage Set of 5

Bullet journaling is a relaxing, creative way to organize your schedule! Fill your planner with writings and illustrations that fit your personal style with Emott fineliners. We used each color in Emott's Vintage Set of 5 to make headers in different styles. Which is your favorite? This set includes the following colors: Dark Brown, Khaki Green, Grey, Violet, and Amethyst.

Emott EverFine Floral Set of 5

The Emott pen body is a lightweight, rounded square shape that fits perfectly in the hand, and makes it easy to hold for quite a while. Combine the Emott's comfortable grip with its vivid color selection and you have a fantastic fineliner for hand-drawn illustrations! We used Emott's Floral Set of 5 to draw these romantic flowers. This set includes the following colors: Baby Pink, Pure Pink, Mauve, Lilac, and Sea Fog.

Emott EverFine Nature Set of 5

Decorate your letters with the Emott Ever Fine! These pens are great for everything when it comes to handmade cards; use them to address your envelope, decorate the inside flap, and write a note to someone special. We used Emott's Nature Set of 5 to add a personal touch to this letter. This set includes the following colors: Beige, Light Orange, Bright Yellow, Light Green, and Saxe Blue.

Emott EverFine Vivid Set of 5

Try the Emott Ever Fine and you'll enjoy a clear, 0.4mm line with exquisite color coverage and fade-proof ink. These pens are great for any situation that requires both writing and drawing. We used Emott's Vivid Set of 5 to make a meal plan for the week, complete with a grocery list and yummy food illustrations! This set includes the following colors: Green, Black, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Emott EverFine 10 Set #3

Faux calligraphy is a great option for adding pretty lettering in places where a nib just isn't practical. The Emott Ever Fine is perfect for brightening up your bullet journals, grocery lists, notes, and more with easy, elegant writing. We used the 10 set #3 for this cheerful lettering. This set includes the following colors: Grey, Dark Brown, Khaki, Green, Violet, Amethyst, Red Wine, Iris Purple, Blue Green, Apple Green, and Straw Yellow.

Emott EverFine Retro Set of 5

Do you like filling out a weekly planner, but aren't really interested in jumping on the bullet journal trend? The Emott Ever Fine is perfect for you! You can be absolutely sure their water-based ink won't bleed through your favorite planner's pages. Throw an Emott Retro Set of 5 in your purse, briefcase, or backpack to add a pop of color to your agenda wherever you are. This set includes the following colors: Straw Yellow, Apple Green, Blue Green, Iris Purple, and Red Wine.

Emott EverFine Set of 40

Can't choose your favorite set? Try them all! This set of 40 Emott pens includes every color in their vivid collection. Throw these in your pencil pouch and you'll be ready to add a special creative touch to your writings and drawings everyday.

All artwork and images by @spaghetti_bolognese.

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