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IAMPETH 2021 in Review : Favorite New Products

IAMPETH 2021 in Review : Favorite New Products

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jun 27th 2022

2021's IAMPETH Conference was held in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was such a blast! From the gorgeous hotel to the delicious pizza place right around the corner, we loved spending time in a new city. IAMPETH participants enjoyed their week of classes, the Artisan Marketplace, Silent Auction, and our weekly giveaways. We were delighted to be able to provide everyone with access to an on-site store, full of class supplies and calligraphy goodies. There were definitely some stand-out favorite products this year, and we're here to tell you all about them. These products were so well-loved by IAMPETH, they completely, or almost completely, sold out!

Writing Tools

Pentel Sparkle Pop Gel Pens

We love Pentel Sparkle Pop gel pens, and so did this year's batch of IAMPETH participants! These incredible pens are more than meets the eye––sparkling on light or dark papers, their ink changes color when used on different colored papers! Silky smooth metallic gel ink flows out of a 1.0mm metal tip, all housed in a well-balanced barrel with a latex-free comfort grip. Add a shimmering pop of color to your next creative project with these glamorous pens.

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Moblique Holder, Pink Pearl

Moblique 2-in-1 holders from @luis.creations are perfect for any calligraphic hand––and they'll look fabulous in your Instagram photos! These pretty holders have a removable flange that allows users to switch between straight and oblique writing. IAMPETH's most popular color choice? Pink Pearl.

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Scroll Cut Parallel Pens

Parallel Pens have always remained popular for broad-edge calligraphy, but these new scroll-cut varieties were THE choice at IAMPETH 2021. Each Parallel Pen nib has been hand-cut into an offset scroll style. With a continuous cartridge ink feed, creating beautiful, interesting lettering with a scroll nib has never been easier.

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Hunt 101 Nib

The Hunt 101 Nib was the only nib we sold out of completely––and for good reason! This is one of our most popular nibs for both Copperplate and Spencerian. Super-flexible and very sharp, this the Hunt 101 produces beautiful line variation, from tiny hairlines to super swells. It may snag on very rough paper, but can handle some light texture. A durable, long-lasting nib that is not recommended for beginner calligraphers, but is great for practicing once you have some experience. Photo from @antiquariabailey.

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Uni Pin Fineliners

These fineliners from uni Mitsubishi Pencil are our latest obsession–-and IAMPETH participants agreed! Pin pens feature water-resistant, fade-proof ink in 4 colors and a range of tip sizes, from 003 for extremely detailed work to a flexible brush for lines of varying widths. Whether you're partial to classic black ink or neutral gray, you're sure to love these pens for writing, illustration, comic art, and more.

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Painting by @jsweeneydesigns
Painting by @inkingwithjoy
Painting by @jolypoa
Painting by @_anjee3

Ruby Satin Triangle Brushes

Pat Blair demonstrated the amazing Triangle or Wedge brush, and IAMPETH attendees were so impressed by its unique abilities, they came rushing in to snatch up every last brush we brought! These specialty tools have three sides and can be triple-loaded with a different color on each. Use watercolor, acrylics, oils, or gouache to paint all things botanical: leaves, petals, stems, flowers, and more. The above videos are just a few examples of the amazing things the Ruby Satin Triangle brush can do!

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Marvy Decocolor PREMIUM, Rose Gold

Marvy Decocolor PREMIUM paint markers produce a rich, metallic finish with incredible opacity! The Rose Gold variety of these awesome paint pens was a big seller at IAMPETH Omaha. Use the fine tip for gorgeous rose gold drawings, the flat 2mm leafing nib for creating calligraphic designs, and the broad chisel tip for covering large areas.

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Kaweco Germany

Introducing the Kaweco fountain pen collection! These fountain pens have been manufactured in Germany for over 100 years, and their commitment to high-quality manufacturing, style, and versatility remain core values to this day. Our personal favorite from the Kaweco line is the 70s Soul Pen, which sports a gorgeous retro design that combines orange and cream with a warm golden trim, nib, and clip. All varieties of these gorgeous fountain pens were beloved at IAMPETH 2021.

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Derwent Inktense and Metallic Pencils

Two different lines of Derwent colored pencils were a big favorite at IAMPETH––Inktense and their new Metallic formula. Inktense can be used alone as a dry color, or be blended with water to create even more vibrant tones. After the color has dried, it becomes a fixed permanent ink that can be worked over the top of. Derwent's new metallic are created with anon-soluble formula that allows for added color vibrancy, increased shimmer, and smoother application. Blendable and capable of fine details, these pencils will add shine and glamour to your latest creative project.

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Palomino Blackwing Pencils

If you're looking for a high-quality pencil, look no further. The Palomino Blackwing was designed in the 1930s, and is made of genuine Incense-Cedar casing and Japanese matte-black graphite. Smooth and reliable, this pencil is excellent for calligraphy practice, sketching, and professional drawings. All varieties of these quality pencilswere popular at IAMPETH Omaha, but especially the Blackwing Pearl, a balanced and smooth graphite core that is softer than the graphite found in the Blackwing 602, but firmer than the graphite found in the original Blackwing.

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STABILO All Pencil

A water-soluble pencil that marks it All! This pencil from Stabilo works on nearly any surface, including acetate, paper, glass, metal, photo and film. Depending on the porousness of the surface, it wipes away with water or erases easily. Available in white and graphite; white was the favorite choice at IAMPETH 2021.

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Inks and Paint

Ferris Wheel Press

This year was Ferris Wheel Press's IAMPETH debut, and boy was it a hit! These richly saturated water-based inks have a low sheen and are compatible with all fountain pens and dip pens. Every inch of Ferris Wheel Press’s packaging is stunningly designed, with each box sporting a uniquely gorgeous pattern. Each 38mL bottle features FWP’s signature brass cap and golden logo. The color of choice at IAMPETH Omaha? Lady Rose in Gold, a stunning limited edition antique rose tone with a golden sheen that's perfect for penning your next love letter.

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FINETEC Coliro Watercolor Refills, Lime and Curry

FINETEC Mica Watercolors are always well-loved, and these two colors were released so close to the start of IAMPETH that we almost didn't get them in time! Luckily for us we were able pack Lime and Curry along, because these two colors were big favorites.

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Moon Palace Gold Bokujyu Ink

This gold Japanese ink from Moon Palace is designed specifically with calligraphers in mind! Great for adding some sparkle to your lettering, calligraphy, and illustration projects. Try Gold Bokujyu ink with nibs for pointed pen writing, or with brushes for some shiny illustrated accents. Moon Palace is a known favorite brand name amongst calligraphers, so this new ink was picked up by many IAMPETH participants.

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McCaffery's Carbon-Based Black Ink

McCaffery's is always a bigger seller at IAMPETH; specifically designed for pointed pen, this iron gall ink is designed to emulate deep rich shades associated with the American Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship. We found that McCaffery’s carbon-based Prairie Night Black was the ink of choice amongst IAMPETH calligraphers. Although it doesn’t produce hairlines as fine as iron gall does, this ink is high-quality and suitable for reproduction work, unlike other McCaffery inks. This ink works beautifully on difficult papers and produces a very black line. Dries quickly and is perfect for envelope calligraphy as well.

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J. Herbin 1670 Ink, Emerald of Chivor

J. Herbin's 1670 Anniversary Ink is truly unique. These highly saturated colors shimmer with a gold sheen once dry, creating a beautiful multicolor halo fading effect. Each bottle is hand dipped in wax and packaged in an elegant box, making them an excellent gift for your favorite calligrapher or fountain pen enthusiast. Emerald of Chivor was the color of choice at IAMPETH 2021. Calligraphy by @attilasultis (left).

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Gansai Tambi Portable 14-Color Watercolor Set

The rich and intense colors of Gansai Tambi are handcrafted, professional-quality pigment inks. These fine-caliber watercolors are highly blendable, with a creamy-smooth consistency found only in traditional Japan. We brought many varieties of these fantastic watercolors, but the best seller? Gansai Tambi's travel set of 14 half-pans, a medium BrusH20 waterbrush, and a Black 01 Mangaka fineliner.

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Moon Palace Vermillion Ink

This vermillion sumi ink from Moon Palace is exceptionally creamy, making it easy to write your latest quotes, letters, and alphabets. This ink combines the quality of Moon Palace inks with a unique and distinctive orange-red color.

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Ziller Wisteria Ink

At the top of our list of favorite calligraphy ink colors is Ziller's Wisteria. This pastel bluish purple is perfect for spring calligraphy and is quite a romantic shade. IAMPETH participants agreed––this specific shade sold out completely! Calligraphy by @suzcunningham (left) and @jadascruggscalligraphy (right).

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Artist Tools

Tombow MONO Erasers

Erasers can be one of the most underrated tools in an artist's pencil pouch, and many IAMPETH calligraphers who needed one reached for Tombow MONO retractable erasers! Gentle enough to not damage paper, but hearty enough to eliminate all your mistakes. Precision tips in both rectangular and round shapes make it easy to erase only what you need.

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Nichiban Masking Tape

Another underrated calligraphy and art tool? Tape! This artist-quality masking tape is renowned for being extremely thin but leaving an incredibly clean edge. Nichiban masking tape leaves virtually no residue after lifting and is a perfect choice for masking! these tapes made their IAMPETH debut this year, and they were a hit. Available in 5 sizes.

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Creative Ink Holders

This brand is another IAMPETH 2021 debut. These innovative and elegant calligraphy accessories are handmade by Sergey and Kate in Svetlogorsk, Russia. We put their products front-and-center at IAMPETH for a reason––we've truly fallen in love with these tools. Gorgeously yet practically designed, Creative Ink Holders makes inkwells, pen rests, bottle holders, and nib caps that will keep your calligraphy studio space organized––and ready for its Instagram close-up.

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Bill Kemp's Spencerian Guidelines and Michael & Debra Sull's Learning to Write Spencerian Script

These two items are exactly what any calligraphy needs to start their Spencerian journey, and there must have been many learning this elegant script at IAMPETH, because they both sold excellently. Or maybe Michael and Bill being there in the flesh had something to do with it! Kemp's Spencerian Guidelines are a fantastic resource for learning and mastering this elegant hand. The kit includes 2 different reusable guideline sheets (beginner and advanced) and a corresponding practice pad printed with 25 sheets of each guide.

Sull's Learning to Write Spencerian Script is a revised, one volume, instructional book that covers styles of penmanship, tools & equipment, techniques, lower-case and capital letters, and signature writing.

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Deckle Ripper by @inkmethis

Want to give paper a lovely deckled edge? This unique ruler will allow you to change the straight edge of any paper to a natural textured one! Each side each create a unique look, and the transparent frosted seafood color is just beautiful. Thanks to @inkmethis for designing this tool, which delighted everyone who came across it at this year's conference.

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Tilted Dinky Dips

The same large Dinky Dips you know and love, now tilted at the perfect angle for dipping your pen! We completely sold out of this variety at IAMPETH, with participants loving the ease of use created from simply tilting the angle of the vial 45 degrees.

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Multi-Angle Rulers

This multi-angle ruler is a must for calligraphers! Portable and light, this clear plastic ruler is 30cm long when fully extended, and folds into itself for easy transportation. The central rotator features marks every 15 degrees and the ruler stops in place at every degree mark. Numbers and lines are legible, and small holes are placed every centimeter for easy marking. Easily create calligraphy guidelines, mark paper for cutting, and so much more.

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Speedball Textbook: 25th Edition

First published in 1915, the Speedball Textbook is a superlative resource for artists and letterers of all ages and skill levels. The 25th edition celebrates the 105th year anniversary of the first edition’s debut, and features incredibly talented co-editors Suzanne Cunningham (@suzcunningham), Carl Rohrs , and Sachin Shah (@sachinspiration). Contributing artists include David Grimes (@masgrimes), Heather Held (@heathervictoria1), Nina Tran (@anintran), and so much more. The 25th edition of the Speedball Textbook features 120 pages of exemplars, contributors' works and innovative technical insight that is sure to inspire and appeal to scribes and enthusiasts across the spectrum of skill and experience. A true must-have for anyone from calligraphy aficionado to master penman, and a book that sold out 100% at IAMPETH Omaha.

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Ziller Study Series

This book series from Ziller covers a wide variety of techniques, from bird flourishing to business writing. Their easy-to-understand instruction is great for self-teaching or teaching others. With five books to choose from, you're sure to find one that covers a calligraphy topic you're interested in learning more about. The most popular at IAMPETH? Number 5, Bird & Design Flourishing (pictured right).

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The Art of Cursive Penmanship by Michael R. Sull

Learn the art of handwriting to make everyday occasions elegant! An updated edition of the classic American Cursive Handwriting, this book is geared for adults seeking a traditional penmanship curriculum. This updated version features easy to follow lessons, breaking down individual letters by stroke and slant and showing the variation of each letter. Learn how to perfect posture, hand position, and paper movement. Plenty of practical practice instructions will guide you towards a controllable, consistent hand. Get a sneak peek inside this book by reading our blog post here.

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Cadels by Vivian Mungall

This exciting new book from Ziller features 188 pages of instruction on Cadel capitals! Cadels are composed of a series of tape-like strokes of nearly parallel lines which interweave and knot together. Learn how to create these gorgeous letterforms yourself with this handy book. Cadels sold out completely at IAMPETH, and was well-loved by all participants.

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Fabriano Watercolor Postcards

These watercolor postcards from Fabriano were anotehr product that sold out completely at this year's IAMPETH. They're a dream for the creative person––instead of choosing between postcard designs that are already made, you can create your own! Each page features a blank side and a side pre-lined for addressing and stamping.

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Mahara Watercolor Journal

Mahara Watercolor journals are designed by calligrapher Randall Hasson and feature 11" x 15" pages made of heavy handmade watercolor paper from India. With 36 beautiful deckle edged pages of soft cold press cotton paper, these exquisite journals are excellent with a wide variety of media and great for all kinds of artistic expression. Artwork by Randall Hasson.

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Canson Pro Layout

This paper pad is recommended by many teachers for calligraphy practice, and always sells great at every conference. Works for all styles: pointed pen, broad-edge, and brush. Semi-transparent surface is slightly more opaque than Borden & Riley Marker Layout, but still suitable for laying over calligraphy guidelines and grids. Works beautifully with alcohol markers and can withstand many layers of ink without bleeding through, feathering, or wrinkling. Also great for graphite, pastels, and charcoal.

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Handmade Paper Packs

We put together these color-themed mystery packs just in time for IAMPETH! Each includes 20-30 sheets handmade papers in a variety of textures and sizes. Most papers are better suited for paper crafting, bookbinding, card making, and collage than as a a lettering or painting surface. Each pack is entirely unique. Only available while supplies last, so snatch them up while you still can!

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Quattro Pads

Quattro grid pads are eye-popping and incredibly useful. Their unique grid design is divided into 1/8 inch squares and 1 inch sections with 5 center points dividing the overall dimensions. Soft grey grids make for easy editing, and 90gsm paper is smooth, acid-free, and micro-perforated for easy tear-out. Their bright green covers attracted many IAMPETH participants to take a peek inside!

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Mnemosyne Notebooks

Another IAMPETH debut! These high-quality notebooks from Japan were designed for the professional in mind. Named after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne notebooks are perfect for business meetings, note taking, journaling, drawing, and everyday writing. Smooth, acid-free paper won’t yellow, has low bleed, and will accept pencils, fountain pens, ballpoints, gel pens, and markers. Each page has a Title and Date header, sturdy cover and dual-ring binding.

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PAScribe + Rhodia Calligraphy Practice Pads, Black and Gray

We LOVE toned paper, and the PAScribe gray and black pads are absolutely gorgeous choices.

The gray variety has an extraordinarily smooth surface that’s ideal for pointed pen calligraphy. So many inks look pretty on this paper, from Bleedproof White and classic black to a range of brush marker colors, acrylics, sumis, and even watercolors used with a nib. The black pad features a strong surface that’s perfect for practicing calligraphy with your metallic and white inks. Double-surface is smooth on one side and fine-grained on the other, and paper is thick enough to allow for writing on both sides in gel pen ink, wet ink, or gouache. Bleedproof White also pops perfectly on this pad.

Both pads feature 55lb weight paper and are great for correspondence.

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