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​New Products: March

​New Products: March

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Mar 22nd 2024

New Products: March

Get ready to ignite your creativity and elevate your artistic endeavors with our latest arrivals! From handcrafted Lokta decorative papers to artisanal Esterbrook Pens, DIY bookbinding adventures to vibrant Pebeo Colorex Inks, we've curated a selection of must-have tools and materials to inspire your next masterpiece.

Dive into the world of journaling with Papier's versatile notebooks or explore the enchanting ink magic demonstrated by the talented Carol Dubosch. With each product meticulously chosen to enhance your art studio, there's something here for every creative soul. So don't wait––keep reading to see what your new favorite art supply is!

Tea Chest Paper, 20" X 30"

Artisanal Elegance

This traditional paper, once used to line tea chests in China, adds a touch of history and elegance to your creative projects. Each sheet is delicately silk-screened with metallic colors on one side and surprisingly resilient at only 20gsm.

Handmade in Nepal from the bark of the Daphne plant, locally known as Lokta, these decorative papers are a great choice for bookbinding, silkscreen, collage, custom cards and stationery. Each decorative paper is 20" x 30". Choose from copper or silver.

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Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen, Raven Matte Black

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen, Sea Glass Silver

Endless Expression

With a legacy dating back to the 19th century, Esterbrook Pens are synonymous with quality craftsmanship and enduring elegance. From classic colors to modern designs, they offer a diverse range of writing instruments tailored to meet various preferences. Meticulously crafted using premium materials and innovative techniques, Esterbrook Pens ensure a smooth writing experience and long-lasting durability.

Add some coastal charm to your writing with Sea Glass Silver, or embody the mystique of the corvid with the Estie Raven. Plus, you can personalize your writing experience with customizable nib options, making each fountain pen uniquely yours.

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Handmade Books At Home By Chanel Ly

Start Your Bookbinding Adventure

Unlock the secrets of bookbinding from the comfort of your own home with Handmade Books at Home! Dive into 12 delightful projects expertly crafted by Chanel Ly, the creative genius behind Bitter Melon Bindery. No prior experience required––just a sprinkle of imagination and a handful of basic tools to embark on your bookbinding journey.

“Handmade books are one-of-a-kind vessels that will go on to live a life of their own, collecting memories, ideas and countless other possibilities, The art of bookbinding is anole and wondrous work to step into, and I’m thrilled to guide you along your journey.” –– Chanel Ly, Introduction.

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Craft Your Story

Characterized by a love of the product, Leuchtturm1917's brand philosophy is that everyone discovers and develops their character and their own ideas through writing by hand. Thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures. Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight. We write and understand, learn, see and think––with the hand.

Love to travel? Reach for their pocket-sized notebooks or nifty pen loops that hold your favorite pencil or fountain pen. Love to combine writing and drawing? Grab a 120G Edition notebook, filled with high-quality 120 gsm paper. Each notebook features a gusseted pocket, elastic enclosure band, numbered pages, a blank table of contents, and 2 ribbon markers.

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CHEERS! Wire Pouch

CHEERS! Wire Pouch

Elevate Your Mood

The "CHEERS!" series from KING JIM features neon and monotone colors that uplift your spirits while offering practical designs.

Easily accessible and spacious, this pouch features two built-in wires beneath the opening, allowing for a wide opening and effortless retrieval of your accessories. Inside, you'll find a convenient pocket with a gusset, perfect for storing small items like business cards, sticky notes, or lip balm.With its generous capacity, this versatile pouch is great for a variety of item storage, from stationery and cosmetics to travel essentials and beyond.

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Pebeo Colorex Watercolor Ink, 45ml

Ink Your Imagination

Unlock unparalleled versatility and performance with Pebeo Colorex Inks. These dye-based watercolor inks, transparent except for white and metallic hues, deliver remarkable concentration and luminosity, leaving behind a velvety matte finish. Whether applied directly from the precision dropper or diluted with water, these inks offer endless possibilities when used with brushes or refillable markers. Mix and match colors to discover your ideal shade effortlessly!

Perfect for watercolor painting, illustration, calligraphy, journaling, and beyond, these inks come in a 45 mL bottle crafted from 25% recycled plastic, complete with a convenient glass dropper.

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Notebook Nirvana

The possibilities of a new notebook are endless. Whether it becomes a space for grand ideas, little reminders or anything that inspires you throughout the day. Each notebook from Papier features a 0.1" hardcover and attached ribbon marker in a corresponding color.

Capture moments of gratitude and reflection with their exquisite gratitude journals, or embrace a holistic approach to self-care as you kickstart and wind down each day with their wellness journals. Prefer a freeform approach? Grab a simple lined notebook with a beach towel-inspired cover, or decorated with a jewel-toned floral arrangement.

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Carol's Ink Magic Kit

Ink Magic Unleashed

This February at @societyforcalligraphy’s Letters California Style we experienced a magical demo with the talented @caroldubosch. Based in Portland, Oregon, Carol is not only a full-time freelance lettering artist but also a dedicated educator, offering calligraphy classes in the Pacific Northwest and workshops nationwide.

During our time with Carol, we witnessed something truly special as she worked her magic with Dark Blue and Yellow Ochre Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks. Mixing the two inks with a touch of water, Carol revealed a mesmerizing array of colors that defied expectation—ink magic in action! Excited to share this enchantment with you, Carol curated a kit containing everything you need to recreate this captivating technique at home.

Click here to see the magic happen.

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