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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Mar 22nd 2024

New Products: MarchGet ready to ignite your creativity and elevate your artistic endeavors with our latest arrivals! From handcrafted Lokta decorative papers to artisanal Esterbrook Pens, DIY bookbinding adventures to vibrant Pebeo Colorex Inks, we've curated a selection of must-have tools and materials to inspire your next masterpiece.Dive into the world of journaling with Papier's versatile notebooks or explore the enchanting ink magic demonstr… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 19th 2023

Our selection of inks may be curated for calligraphers, but most can be used for a wide variety of other projects as well. Today we're going to go over our best inks for drawing and illustration. Whether you're inking comics, sketching in your favorite notebook, or commissioning an original design, these inks will make your drawings professional, high-quality works of art.Ink drawing has been popular for centuries, with artists such as Leonardo d… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 18th 2023

Gouache is an opaque watercolor that dries matte and can be used along with typical watercolors. Although designed for traditional painting, gouache has become popular for calligraphy due to its smooth, vibrant colors, opacity on dark papers, and the ease with which you can mix custom colors.We're starting today's tutorial with Winsor & Newton's Designers Gouache in Winsor Red, which is one of our favorite shades. The first step is to sq… Read more