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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Feb 16th 2023

The beautiful Rose nib is manufactured by Brause, a German company founded in 1850 by Carl Bergfeld and brothers Friedrich, Wilhelm and Carl Brause. Brause has produced some of the highest quality supplies for calligraphers throughout their history, and continues to today.The Rose is modeled on a vintage nib design and features a lovely embossed rose on the body. However, this pointed pen is more than just a pretty face; with the perfect bal… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 26th 2023

There are many brands and sizes to choose from when it comes to broad-edge nibs. We're here to help you tell the difference! First up are the Brause Bandzug Nibs, which feature an oblique cut and attached reservoir. Brause calligraphy nibs have remained a popular choice amongst calligraphers for over 100 years, and feature a square shape that's perfect for rounded hands such as Italic, Roman, and Gothic. With a uniquely sharp angle, incompar… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 19th 2023

Hi everyone, this is @openinkstand! Throughout this post, I will be showcasing 6 pointed pen nibs, all of which are available from @paperandinkarts. First, a little introduction. My name is Schin and I live in Las Vegas. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and I try to incorporate an artistic and playful side to my calligraphy and lettering style. I maintain a Youtube Channel, a Blog, and last year I published a book on picto… Read more