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Molly Margaret -- Calligraphy 101 - Traditional and Modern Calligraphy

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Class Dates: One weekend each month

Class Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

In this class we will take a look at traditional calligraphy scripts and how to expand into more modern styles. You will walk away with knowledge on using the unique tools involved in dip pen calligraphy, traditional and modern lettering styles, paper and ink choices and more! My goal is to help you begin a journey in calligraphy. Iíll take time with each student to provide you with techniques and tips to further your skills. Traditional: We will explore how to use different nibs, pen holders, guidelines, ink and paper. The first part of class will be focused on traditional copperplate letter forms. Itís important to understand the foundations when learning a new skill. This part will give you an understanding of the main concepts of calligraphy. Modern: In the second part we will look at how to expand your skills. We will dive into a more modern calligraphy styles, learn more about paper selection and go over any other questions! (This is a beginners class. No previous experience in lettering skills are required.)

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Esque Script Calligraphy Class Supplies:

One Oblique Pen Holder, One Zebra G nib, One Sumi Ink, One Marker Layout Paper pad

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Peerless Oblique Penholder
Price: $14.95
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Coupled Carrot Oblique
Price: $29.99
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Hourglass Adjustable Oblique
Price: $47.95
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Zebra Comic G Nib
Price: $1.95, 10/$18.50, 100/$175.00
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Kuretake Sumi Ink, 60ml
Price: $7.69
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Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Price: $11.95
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Canson Pro Layout, 50 sheets 9" x 12"
Price: $13.09
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Canson Pro Layout, 50 sheets 11" x 14"
Price: $17.59
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