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Beyond the Basics : Advanced Beginner Class with Molly Margaret

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If you've taken a calligraphy workshop in person or online and you're looking for the next step this is the class for you!

In this class we'll go over techniques for connecting letters to form well balanced words, sentences and entire phrases. We'll dive into layouts and tips for various calligraphic projects from envelopes to invitations, including numerals and special characters. You'll learn about ligatures and how to use them effectively. We'll play with variations of traditional letter forms and I'll show you ways to remain consistent within new modern styles.

If you're thinking about making calligraphy more than a hobby this class will help you fine tune your skills. If you feel a little rusty about your calligraphy or you just want some more one on one time with someone who will walk you through the steps, this is just the class you've been looking for.

I designed this class off of the questions and requests of my past students so no matter where you find yourself in your calligraphic journey you'll walk away from this class inspired and with a bunch of new helpful information!

(This is an advanced beginners class. At least one previous calligraphy class or experience in lettering is required.)

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