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Nib Wipes, Set of 5
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Nib Wipes, Set of 5

Item #: nibwipe
Our Price: $4.99


Nib Wipes Developed specifically for nibs, this 8"x10" wipe is 100% lint free and won't contaminate your ink well with fibers. It was developed specifically for water-based inks, but it is also solvent safe. One side has a smooth texture and the other is a quilted texture, and the wipe is similar in thickness to a paper towel. However, it will last longer than a roll of paper towels and is ten times stronger. "These wipes were something I developed for myself out of need. I got tired of picking lint and fuzz off of the end of my pointed pen nib. It seems I spent more time cleaning my nib end than I did writing. I found a product which worked but wasn't quite right for the absorbency of the inks I use. After working with the company on the exact application, they developed a wipe which was perfect. I suggest folding the wipe in half and then in half again resulting in a quartered wipe. I use one surface until full and then flip it over. Once that area is full, I unfold and fold back the other direction, leaving two new surfaces to use. Each wipe lasts me about one month based on two hours of practice a day. Keep using it until it just won't hold any more ink and then throw it away." -Christopher Yoke.

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