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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Feb 16th 2023

Hi everyone! I’m Evelyn Wong (@inkdropletcreations) from Hong Kong here. A little introduction about myself––I’m a Solicitor (lawyer) who’s always loved anything to do with arts & crafts. So the year before I got married, Jovy, a best friend of mine, introduced me to a calligraphy workshop so that I could design my own invitations and place cards. Once I picked up that holder, I was hooked! I took whatever workshops were available to broaden m… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 17th 2023

Here at Paper & Ink Arts we provide a wide selection of supplies for gilding, but it can be confusing to figure out how to use certain materials if you're just starting out. We're partnering with Sue Lui from @oliveleafcalli to give readers a simple introduction to the art of illuminated letters. Hello! This is Sue from @oliveleafcalli. A little about me: I started calligraphy in 2013/2014, where I first took an interest in pointed pen… Read more
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