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Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 24th 2023

Zig Fudebiyori brush pens are one of the best tools on the market for bold, beautiful brush lettering. These markers feature the same ink type and color palette as the Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, but have a different style tip. The felt brush tip on Fudebiyori markers is a perfect balance of firm and flexible and has a great bounce, making it surprisingly great at line variation despite it's larger size. (Cover artwork done with Zig… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 24th 2023

The Zebra G is manufactured by Zebra Pen Corporation, a manufacturer of writing instruments whose trademark was adopted in 1914 by Mr. Ishikawa. The story of how Zebra acquired their name is a unique one: Ishikawa wanted a name that was both memorable and easily understood internationally, so he flipped through an English/Japanese dictionary from the back, and stopped at the word "zebra." After researching the animal, Ishikawa was please wit… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 19th 2023

Hi everyone, this is @openinkstand! Throughout this post, I will be showcasing 6 pointed pen nibs, all of which are available from @paperandinkarts. First, a little introduction. My name is Schin and I live in Las Vegas. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and I try to incorporate an artistic and playful side to my calligraphy and lettering style. I maintain a Youtube Channel, a Blog, and last year I published a book on picto… Read more

Posted by Sarah @ PIA on Jan 18th 2023

Suzanne Cunningham (@suzcunningham) is a calligrapher based in Florence, Alabama with twenty-six years of experience under her belt. She is a member of Calligraphy Masters (@calligraphymasters) and has inspired calligraphy enthusiasts on Instagram with her elegant scripts and graceful flourishes for years. Suzanne teaches workshops throughout the United States, and has even visited the Paper & Ink Arts classroom here in Nashville, Tennessee o… Read more