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Gillott 303 Nib

Item #: glt303
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The Gillott 303 is a pointed nib that is excellent for Copperplate calligraphy. This nib has the perfect flexibility: it's not too stiff or too rubbery, although it performs best under a light hand. The 303 is very sharp and is best used on smooth papers, but can operate on lightly textured surfaces under an expert hand.

Endorsed by Eleanor Winters in Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy along with the Gillott 404. This nib is ideal for intermediate or advanced level calligraphers and is not recommended for beginners.

For more information about the performance of this nib, including tips for best use, comparative charts, and example artwork, read our blog post with Schin Loong from @openinkstand.

Measurements: 30mm long x 5mm wide

Discounts are as follows: $9.24/dozen $27.00/36 $99.36/gross

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Gillott 303 Nib   $0.79
5 Reviews
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By Colleen
Bothell, Washington
Great nib!
March 4, 2022
I love the way I can get swells and thin lines! From talking with others, I'm not alone:)
By Brooke
Wilmington, North Carolina
Good for very delicate calligraphy/lines
September 7, 2021
While not the hardiest nib (super easy to warp it you're heavy on the pressure), I do keep this nib on hand for times when I need to write small - and have my strokes still come out crisp and contrasting. I've written out several poems, long quotes and sets of vows with it, and it's been really helpful when i want to add text into my miniature watercolors. If you purchase, buy several at a time to get you through a project.
By Elaina
Rochester, NY
When it's Good it's Great, When it's Bad it's Really Bad
February 2, 2021
For Ornamental Penmanship, I really love the Gillott 303, but it's a love-hate relationship. More than any other nib I've ever tried, this one has the most amount of defects and can be quite finicky until you find one that works well.

Once you DO find one that works well though, it's a dream. Super flexy with beautiful hairlines and thick swells. You need a light hand with these, and smooth paper.
By Sean
The Bronx
A good fine nib for the price, but go easy on it.
September 28, 2020
I'm always looking for a finer point for writing correspondence, and I came across a positive review for this on a caligraphy blog, so I gave it a shot. I found the line comparable to that of the Leonardt EF Principal; so much so that I no longer use the latter.

As another review reviewer has noted, the Gillot 303 is fragile, so it wears quickly (though the price point makes it worth having to change nibs a bit more frequently). It does need a smooth paper and a light hand, as it catches easily on toothier surfaces.
Nice but doesn't last
June 13, 2020
I've never used a Gillott nib before so I bought one of this last week and the nib broke after I took it out from the potato( I always use it to remove the oil coating on new nibs). So I bought another one which just arrived today. The nib is so flimsy and fragile that this time I did not clean it with a potato, still it broke while I was practicing letter "o", the tines just split and won't close as the way it should.The slit was slightly opened and won't close firmly. Because the nib is so scratchy, more scratchy than the Hunt 101 which has a fine nib, too. Even on a piece of very fine paper it scratches at some angle. The price of this nib is so cheap though, guess it's because it's needed to be replaced more often. However I believe a penmaster could definitely handle it but not for everyone.