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Gillott 659 Crowquill nib

Item #: glt659

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Very sharp Crowquill nib. Measurements: 27mm long x 3mm wide x 3mm in diameter

Discounts are as follows: $11.64/dozen, $34.20/36
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Very sharp Crowquill nib. Measurements: 27mm long x 3mm wide x 3mm in diameter

Discounts are as follows: $11.64/dozen, $34.20/36

Compatibility Adjustable Holders, Crowquill Holders
Skill Level Advanced, Intermediate
Gillott 659 Crowquill nib

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Customer Reviews

2 Review
  • One of the Best 5

    Posted by Tumble on Mar 4th 2023

    I’ve tried almost all crowquill nibs Paper & Ink Arts has to offer, and this one is definitely a favorite, followed closely behind the Hunt 108 crowquill nib. They’re both very similar and unique from the pile of other crowquill nibs I have in that they’re super flexible and bend easily. This allows for huge amounts of contrast while writing—all the way down to the finest of hairline strokes—even offering an additional flex point on the sides for increased mobility of the tines. I’ve had trouble with my 659s permanently bending under the weight of pressure from the strokes and also the tines getting warped while twisting and turning around curves, so be aware that these are definitely ones to be delicate on and make sure you buy in multiples if you’ve got a heavy hand. It’s a super fun nib to write with and produces some of the widest variety of marks from a crowquill nib though. I definitely recommend it—but know that you’ll need to master your pressure sensitivity and stroke control to really master this nib.

  • Brilliant Nib 5

    Posted by Tumble on Feb 9th 2023

    Absolutely my favorite crowquill nib. When I first got it, I couldn’t make it write for the life of me (so maybe not for beginners?), but now that I’m a more experienced calligrapher, it does all the things I want it to do so well. It’s got far more contrast to any of the other crowquill nibs I own (Hunt 107 and 102) and offers much more flexibility, as it has additional flex points on the side, allowing for a deeper bend. I love this nib and cannot recommend it enough. Beautiful thick and super fine hairline strokes and very satisfying to create strokes with. Maybe practice on some sturdier nibs before getting this one though.